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Photo courtesy of Stephanie Griego
Abby Sanchez was the girls winner of the race between Lenwood and Cameron schools.

Lenwood School Running Club hosts Cameron

LENWOOD • Lenwood School Running Club hosted its second meet of the season on November 9, taking on the Cameron School Running Club. Ninety-five students, ranging in age from 1st-6th grade, ran in the one-mile race.

The two schools split the races. Overall, the Lenwood boys defeated the Cameron boys by a score of 332-440. The Cameron girls beat the Lenwood girls with a score of 236-455.

Winning the race for the boys was Cameron School’s Isaac Flores, a sixth-grader who posted a time of 6:25, followed by Lenwood fourth-grader Jalen Griego, with a time of 6:40.

The remainder of the top 10 boys:
* David Rudd-Grow, 5th grade (Cameron, 6:45)
* Joseph O’Connor, 3rd grade (Lenwood, 6:55)
* Caden Heywood, 5th grade (Cameron, 6:58)
* Jason Mendoza, 5th grade (Cameron, 6:59)
* Marcus Sanchez, 5th grade (Cameron, 7:00)
* Elias Ramirez Perez, 5th grade (Lenwood, 7:23)
* Gabriel Bustos, 4th grade (Lenwood, 7:29)
* Jose Avila, 3rd grade (Lenwood, 7:30)

Winning the race for the girls was Cameron School’s Abby Sanchez, a sixth-grader who finished with a time of 6:45, followed by Cameron sixth-grader Adelena Marin, with a time of 6:52.

The remainder of the top 10 girls:
* Adelena Lucero, 6th grade (Lenwood, 6:56)
* Arianna Ellis, 5th grade (Cameron, 7:31)
* Lissette Escobedo, 5th grade (Cameron, 7:33)
* Lytzy Campos, 6th grade (Lenwood, 7:43)
* Janessa Acosta, 6th grade (Cameron, 7:43)
* Leialli Karrel, 6th grade (Cameron, 8:04)
* Shaya Fite, 6th grade (Cameron, 8:17)
* Jailene Padilla, 5th grade (Cameron, 8:27)
* Talaja Logg, 6th grade (Cameron, 8:30)

Only the scores of the top 20 boys and top 20 girls were counted.

The next race is scheduled for December 14 at Lenwood School.

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