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Letters to Editor

Heads-up California!
Agenda 21 is coming to your neighborhood, soon. Calwatchdogs’ James Paulo’s editorial concerning California Sprawl is the beginning of the clamor to concentrate the people of this state into high rise small apartments in large cities, sta... Full story
Social Security Office
I am surprised and disappointed that there hasn’t been more letters to the press and a general sense of outrage and anger from the service organizations and general public against the callus and arrogant decision of the Social Security Administ... Full story
On the economy
 The president, and George W. from 2000-2008, was mainly instigated by conservative financial policies, George W. also cut taxes to the wealthy. In 1929-1933 regulations and rules governing the SEC and the stock market were weakened or ignored b... Full story
Above the law?
I find it rather interesting that Obama, Holder and pro amnesty groups whether they be Democrats or Republicans, can break the law of the land by aiding and abetting foreigners. They want them in this country to increase their voting bloc. They give ... Full story
Stepping up for shoe drive
Last month I was notified by our communications officer at ABATE of California that my friends at Illusion Cycles in Westminster were hosting a shoe drive for the American Soldier Network. The American Soldier Network was founded by Annie Nelson righ... Full story
Synthetic drugs
I would like to thank our local police department and law enforcement across the San Bernardino County for their efforts to make sure local stores are not selling synthetic drugs. These drugs, known as “bath salts” and “Spice,&rdquo... Full story
Wake up America!
It’s time to see what is really going on in Washington D.C. And why there is a government shutdown. Take note of who is really not willing to negotiate. Mr. Obama called a meeting Tuesday with the leaders of the House and the Senate to inform ... Full story
Electric bill
Did you know that when you pay your electric bill you are paying for transmission charges, distribution charges and electricity used. I am OK with that. But, when they add nuclear decommissioning, conservation incentive, public purpose program, new s... Full story
Why is health care so expensive?
Insurance companies are mediators between doctors and patients who have to make profits after they pay employees to process claims, and all the cost involve in it. Doctors have to make a living; pay their debts and aids, plus the employees involved e... Full story
Tax payers check book
It seems to me that Obama is using our money to send to Pakistan. He is sending hundreds of millions of dollars to Pakistan under the guise of stabilizing that country. We here in America have no money to repair bridges and roads. We have no money to... Full story
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