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Guilt harming your health?
Know anyone who doesn’t feel bad about something they’ve said or done? Guilt tortures the best of us. Unfortunately, the discomfort is not limited to mental agony alone. Intense regret can bring physical torment, as well. Sometimes, the ... Full story
How do negative suggestions influence health?
Suggestions change people. They do. Whether they are mental or audible suggestions, behavioral and physical modifications take place. Take for example, a shy friend. He loosens up immediately and becomes the life of the party when wine is set in fro... Full story
Race to health opens door for spirituality
There seems to be an urgency when it comes to health care. Perhaps, because of this, more consideration is being given to thought, spirituality, and the powerful connection they have to well-being. Last year, the American Psychological Associat... Full story
An Olympic edge
The London games have begun. Does your favorite athlete have a leg up? Are they aware of the latest formula for speed? The newest way to win? The development of bigger and stronger bodies brought many record-setting Olympic performances in the past... Full story
For success (and health), mindmatters most
It is amazing what people can do when they utilize the might of mind.Recently, Nik Wallenda grabbed a lot of headlines by becoming the first person in 116 years to walk a tightrope across the Niagara Gorge, and the first ever to stroll righ... Full story
No way to fix a ‘fiscal disconnect’
In his revised budget, Gov. Brown assumes voters will raise taxes and state-worker unions will agree to cut their own pay.Gov. Jerry Brown on Monday unveiled his revised budget for the coming fiscal year with twin pleas. He pleaded poverty and pleade... Full story
Conservatives and gays
In addition to labeling conservatives and Republicans “anti-woman” (for opposing government-mandated free contraception), “anti-black” and “anti-Hispanic” (for advocating photo identification for voting), and &ldqu... Full story
California budget deficit grows deeper
Gov. Jerry Brown is scheduled to issue a revised state budget within the next two weeks, so it probably came as bad news that revenue now will be “a few billion dollars” shy of the governor’s previous budget projections through June... Full story
Greenpeace has a beef with Apple
  As soon as a company achieves a certain amount of success it often begins attracting the attention of bureaucratic government regulators and special-interest groups. President Ronald Reagan understood this all too well when he said, "Governmen... Full story
Romney, hands off second mortgages
Fresh out of the gate after basically gaining the Republican nomination for president, Mitt Romney has stumbled. He has been stung by attacks on his reported wealth of $250 million; and by President Obama’s call for a new “Buffet Rule&rdq... Full story
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