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Couponing Tips

Privacy or Savings? Who Tracks What You Buy
Q: “Is there any indication that the bar code system on a coupon will also track what a customer buys? Collecting information on a consumer ‘for marketing purposes’ is something I choose to opt out of. But does a coupon’s... Full story
Coupon Victories: The Best Things in Life are Free!
Q: “I have to confess, I was never a coupon shopper. I have been reading your column for months and marveling at your stories of saving. I finally decided about three months ago to really try to do this. I got your Super-Couponing class DVD and... Full story
Coupon Tips for Shoppers in Small Markets
  Last week, we reviewed reasons why shoppers enjoy lower prices and more frequent deals shopping at a supermarket rather than at an “everyday low price” supercenter.  But what if your shopping options are limited? What if you... Full story
Save Big by Avoiding “Everyday Low Prices”
Q: “I have been trying to cut my grocery bill with your advice on coupon shopping. For some reason, I never find any of the great deals you refer to. I normally shop at a national everyday-low-price supercenter. Please help me. It is so fr... Full story
More Secrets of TV’s Coupon Pros
Last week I shared some of the secrets behind those great shopping trips you see on TV, where a person cuts a grocery bill from $70 to $6, or $92 to $10, or $98 to $8… (which, incidentally, were all actual, filmed shopping trips that I’v... Full story
Inside Story Behind Miraculous Savings Seen on TV
Last week, a reader questioned how a shopper could have “their entire grocery bill paid by the use of coupons.” Certainly, if you’re a good coupon shopper you can coupon a double- or triple-digit grocery bill down to a few dollars a... Full story
Shopping with Coupons: The More, the Merrier?
Q: “I really enjoy your column. It is amazing how much money I have saved since I started using coupons! But I have a question. Are you allowed to use more than one coupon on any given item? I feel that if you have more than one coupon for an i... Full story
Store Logos on Coupons Raise Reader’s Ire
Q: “What is it with some manufacturers that put a store name on their coupons? A manufacturer coupon is a promotion offered by the product’s manufacturer and shouldn’t be tied to a particular store. This week in the coupon inserts t... Full story
Are All Newspaper Coupon Inserts the Same?
Q: “My mom and I get different newspapers, and she saves her coupon inserts for me each week. I have noticed that the coupons that come in her paper are often different from the ones that come in mine. The coupons are usually for the same produ... Full story
Coupon Crime, Unintended and Otherwise
Q: “I read your article about coupon fraud. I never knew you were prohibited from making photocopies of a coupon printed out from the Internet. I’d never done this before a week or so ago. Should I go back to the store and offer to pay fo... Full story
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