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Born in the U.S.A.? Much desired but much questionable about it
Surely most Americans can appreciate how fortunate they are that they were born in this country. It is sobering to contemplate the misfortune of being born in either a third-world country or a despotism. Whatever limitations we experience in a free r... Full story
Bridging the GAP one display at a time
“A picture is worth 1000 words.” This has been said so many times that it has practically become a cliché. But the well-informed eye that frames the picture teaches us that some things are too horrible not to look at. The Genocide ... Full story
Committees of correspondence and free press still protect our liberties
Students of our history know that private, voluntary organizations were indispensable to winning American independence. In a time when crude printing presses and the postal service were the only means by which people scattered across hundreds of mill... Full story
The dead hand of the ‘old’ Soviet Union
Those quotation marks in the headline are not a mistake. But the overuse of the word enclosed in them is a mistake, and not a small one. “Old” things are not gone or dead; they are still around or alive. Why does no one refer to the Nazi ... Full story
Lessons from history, learned and unlearned
Russia’s designs on Ukraine and the disappearance of a Malaysian airliner, though unrelated, are stern reminders of two sensible maxims: Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.and fighting the last war is often a losing p... Full story
How to trivialize our country’s plight: call it crazy, ridiculous or unbelievable
Name the issue—big government, environmental madness, corruption of higher education, sexual revolution—and you can be sure that many Americans are not taking it seriously. My evidence? The terms they use when telling examples come ... Full story
Billy Budd’s trials are not his alone
American novelist Herman Melville is much better known for his lengthy classic “Moby Dick” than his posthumously published novella “Billy Budd,” but both involve exploits at sea and, more to the point, the suffering of great c... Full story
Politics requires patience as well as commitment
Many conservatives were disappointed that the House Republican leadership did not attempt to extract concessions from Senate Democrats and President Obama when the latter asked for an increase in the national debt ceiling last week. But the only batt... Full story
What’s at stake in the current constitutional crisis caused by Barack Obama?
N ot just conservative Republicans but even liberal constitutional law professors are alarmed by President Obama’s avowed determination to stretch if not burst constitutional barriers to executive authority. Jonathan Turley, a Georgetown Univer... Full story
American military power helps deter imperialism and war
Concerned as Americans understandably are about domestic economy, developments on the international front ominously point to dangerous times for the United States and its allies and friends. For the three great threats from Russia, China and Islamist... Full story
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