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Arsenic, manganese add new worries in Hinkley

A boarded up house, a part of Pacific Gas and Electric's Property Purchase program, sits on Mulberry Avenue in Hinkley. According to local resident Julie Heggenberger, the groundwater at her relative's house next door tested 85 ug/L of arsenic, a level exponentially above the state's drinking water standard.
Staff photo, Brooke Self

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Arsenic, manganese add new worries in Hinkley.
HINKLEY • Residents in Hinkley are all too familiar with groundwater testing. Under order, Pacific Gas and Electric is required to test homes within the community on quarterly schedules for hexavalent chromium. But lately, higher levels of manganese and arsenic have become a newer co. Read Arsenic, manganese add new worries in Hinkley...
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