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Letters to the Editor

City spokesperson

 I read in disbelief in the July 2 edition of the Dispatch that the City Council is going to hire Anthony Riley as the city spokesperson. This will be a part time position paying $58,000 per year, with no minimum hours of service.

Barstow is experiencing its highest unemployment rate in history. Barstow has a welfare rate of almost 50 percent. So rather than hire someone local, we hire a non-resident. But we are not just going to hire anybody. We are hiring a man that failed at his attempt to become an Assemblyman who worked for Supervisor Brad Mitzelfelt, a man linked to the Colonies Partners scandal during the Bill Postmus / Mitzelfelt regime. A man that was linked to the looting of the failed Adelanto Charter School. I have not been able to find even one qualifying item that would make Riley worthy of working for us.

Last year the council hired a new assistant city manager who was paid $350,000 by the city of Rosemead to resign immediately. What is with this council using our tax dollars to fund every failed non-resident that they can find? In almost 40 years of living here I must say that this is the most inept council I have ever seen.

The council should start thinking about the Barstow people it was elected to represent. Stop costing us money while giving our taxes to outside “resources.”

The council needs to have more faith in the people of Barstow and stop casting them off as idiots with no work abilities. And I darn sure don’t believe that someone like Anthony Riley and all his baggage surpasses every single Barstow resident in qualifications for a city job.

Nick Benson Sr.

Economic war

Re: “Act of War” (Avery Goodfellow, Letters, June 29).
There are acts of war like explosive destruction of infrastructure, buildings, and people, which are very obvious and understandable to the average citizen. Then there are acts of war such as cyber and financial warfare, which are less obvious and understandable to the average citizen, but just as destructive or even more so. These are not being reported by media here in the states.

One could argue that a state of war has existed between Iran and the United States ever since the hostage crisis started in November of 1979. Neither has an embassy in the other’s country. Iran has started doing its oil transactions in a way which has already spread like wildfire and threatens the way of life for American inhabitants.

For 39 years, all oil transactions had to be done in U.S. dollars. Now, because of the state of war and the sanctions,  Iran is doing direct oil transactions with its trading partners. Brazil, Russia, China, India, Japan, South Korea, and others are trading, with Iran, absent the “Petrodollar.” The Petrodollar, which has been the pillar for all our wild consumerism and debt, is collapsing.

Hillary Clinton has tried just about all the tricks in her arsenal such as sanctions, inspections, cyber tricks, censorship and who knows what is next? When she came up with the social media censorship ideas, even China rebuffed them.

The collapse of the Petrodollar means the collapse of our currency and our way of life. Did we bring this on ourselves?  Now we can understand why our government is treating this as an act of war. We are in an economic war and few are aware of it.

Nancy Dittman

Money wasted

Well, we are still at it. Wasting money. Chief Burns retires on Barstow taxes for doing nothing. Sounds about right for the city of Barstow. Why not promote one of your own? We don’t need imports. What officer feels good to be skipped over for an import from out of town? The mayor should be proud of the condition of the town from a good solid town to the county dump. How about promoting someone like Andy Espinoza?

Then we have the Lenwood bridge. Any one with a brain can see the river flows half a mile wide and five feet deep every so often. A tunnel five feet high and 30 feet wide won’t cut it. That has been done several times in the past. What do we need an engineer to tell us that?
I only went to Barstow High and I can build a bridge that will last awhile. I can remember about half a dozen of these fly-by-night repair jobs since then. Fix it right this time and quit wasting an extra 20 miles to go any where. No wonder the people and state are broke.

Joe Golden

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