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Letters to the Editor

Choosing the right chief

Re: “Money wasted” (Joe Golden, Letters, July 9)
It may be nice to select one of “our own” for police chief, as you say, rather than one from out of town; but there could be a problem. Often those who are from Barstow have their friends, family and own gang. It is not so easy to find very high moral standards as it should be the virtue of an officer: the tendency could be to favor their own and go after those who are not their friends.

Truly, I would like to know why this city retires police chiefs so young and soon. The taxpayers pay the bill. The fact is that some police officers are not so honest. Given the power, a man is prone to abuse it. We don’t want a Mafia in Barstow.
I would be the first to vote for a police chief from Barstow if it could be guaranteed high moral standards.

Felisa Drummond

The issue of abortion

Re: “Presidential politics and the battle over abortion” (Arthur Zamora, Faceoff, July 10)
Mr. Zamora had it right in his article “Presidential politics and abortion.” As a close friend has told me over and over again “All politicians eat out of the same trough.” They will say or do anything to get elected and once they’re in office they will carry out their own agenda and disregard the promises they  made during the election. President Obama waited until his last year in office to fulfill most of the promises he made four years ago. He’s done this just to get votes from Latinos and gays in this election year.

Abortion has turned into a political issue by the politicians. Abortions are a moral and religious issue and should be treated as such and as such those among us who have been told by our religious leaders that abortions are a sin against God should not have any of our tax money going to groups like Planned Parenthood, the largest provider of abortions in the United States. Giving our tax money to these groups makes us in effect help pay these groups to perform abortions.

Avery Goodfellow

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