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Letters to the Editor

Real problem
Re: “Lenwood Road Construction starts Friday” (Desert Dispatch, Aug. 9).
The inference that California is responsible for delaying the project is spurious. If I were a state or federal government official, I would want to know what San Bernardino County is doing to address the real problem — mismanagement of the dam and reservoir at Silverwood — before I approved any money to replace something that shouldn’t be damaged in the first place.
Since 1995, the Lenwood Road river crossing has been washed away at least twice, and the Mojave River Valley has sustained unacceptable damages as a result of mismanagement of releasing water at Silverwood. The 2010 mistake damaged the Hinkley Road bridge beyond use as well as Lenwood Road. I’d like to see some Desert Dispatch articles addressing the county’s plans to avert future damage to the Mojave River valley and its infrastructure from inept water release at the dam.
James T. Biles

Becoming vigilant
Vigilant or Vigilante! That was the headline in the Aug. 1 edition. Since I’m 72 years old I would prefer that my vigilante days be over with. So as recommended by Sergeant Andy of the Barstow Police Department I have become very vigilant and have reported violations of the law to the authorities.
One such violation is rock and gravel trucks driving fully loaded on Barstow streets and not being tarped or covered as required by state law. So far, I’ve had to replace two windshields in my car because I was driving behind these uncovered trucks and was struck by rocks that cracked my windshield.
The other violation is grown men riding bicycles after dark without any lights. They travel up and down our streets and alleys at breakneck speeds in complete darkness. I spotted this activity as late as two in the morning. This appears very suspicious to me. I’m wondering what are they doing at that time of the morning, hiding in the darkness, riding a bicycle?
These men should be stopped and ticketed and the bicycles confiscated and if the ticket isn’t paid the city could keep the bicycle and sell it at a later date.
Avery Goodfellow

Handicap parking
When San Bernardino County was rehabilitating the Barstow Mall I noticed the entrance to the county facilities was centered to the left of the main mall entrance. As such the handicapped parking was directly in front of the county entrance. However, the public section on the right side of the mall’s main entrance was still one other entrance at the far end of the mall, and the handicapped parking was also in the center of the parking lot.
I asked to speak to the supervisor who said I shouldn’t worry about the placement of the handicapped parking. So today, regardless of the Americans with Disabilities laws, Barstow maintains the handicapped parking in the center of the parking lot, not convenient for the handicapped to either entrance to the mall.
Richard Schmalzbach

Chick-Fil-A controvery
The S. Kelley cartoon (Desert Dispatch, Aug. 6)  which played off the Chick-Fil-A controversy, had a character saying, “I miss the separation of church and fast food.” Christians do not see a separation between their food and God, since all is created by God. It was very refreshing to hear that a Christian took a stand for his beliefs.
As a CEO for Chick-Fil-A, surely he knew what he was saying would cause controversy, but at least he can’t be labeled a hypocrite. (He said he believed in the traditional concept of marriage between a man and a woman.) Today, such Bible beliefs are seldom mentioned, even in church. The political correctness agenda, to remove God from public discourse, continues with much success.
Atheists, 1.5 to 4 percent of the United States population, are so powerful that Christmas displays, prayer, and crosses are greatly restricted in the public arena. The First Amendment guaranteed freedom to worship, not freedom from worship the atheists are pushing.
How does an atheist get so worked up over something they know doesn’t exist? “Doth thou protest too much?” Surely, “we are not contending against flesh and blood, but against the principalities, against the powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”
Nancy Dittman

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