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Proposition 32

Like Proposition 226 in 1998 and Prop. 75 in 2005, Proposition 32 is another well-orchestrated direct attack on the freedom of speech of American middle class workers. This seven-year pattern supports a strategy to force labor representative organizations on the defense in order to consume their limited resources. This repetitive assault by the same perpetrators on our First Amendment protecting free speech is a craftily worded effort to silence one, and only one, group of Americans — the union worker.

For those of us who believe in the free market and the concept of competition, we must ask ourselves: If it Is OK for corporate executives to retain counsel to represent their best interests, then why is it somehow offensive for American workers to do the same?

The devious language in Prop. 32 provides a multitude of loopholes enabling corporate executives, non-profit shell companies, billionaires, law firms, insurance companies, professional partnerships, limited liability corporations, Wall Street hedge funds, real estate investors, foreign and multi-national corporations among others to continue to anonymously pump unlimited payola into what the IRS calls trade associations under Rule 501(c)(6).
Like trade associations, labor unions are also organized under Section 501 of the Internal Revenue Code. But unions are legally (and correctly so) required to report all of their political spending on the LM forms they must file with the Department of Labor, to provide public transparency. Trade associations, including those receiving hundreds of millions of dollars from multinational corporations, even from Middle Eastern donors in the oil and gas industry through the American Petroleum Institute (API), suffer no such hindrance in their achievability to manipulate American politics and our public policy. Trade associations are free to influence American elections, effectively coercing our politicians into their own public policy prostitutes, with no filings and no disclosures.

This molestation of the First Amendment is unAmerican. Our Founding Fathers never intended for Tofiq Al-Gabsani, a registered lobbyist for the Saudi government and chief executive of Saudi Refining Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of the Saudi Arabian Oil Company better known as Aramco, to enjoy the protections provided under our Constitution, or to profit from our laws by silencing American workers. Al-Gabsani also sits on the board of API working to transfer wealth from America to the Middle East, where protection money eventually filters to insurgents to fund their munitions and weapons they use to kill and maim our troops.

As American patriots who support our troops, our teachers, our first responders, our children, our American jobs, and our way of life, it is our collective civic duty to vote NO on Proposition 32.

Joe Orawczyk

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