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Letters to the Editor

Faith is believing
in the impossible

Today in our paper I read the words of a “Man of the Cloth.” The Good Pastor was not of my faith or teachings, so maybe that’s why I have a hard time understanding what he wrote. He told us, “adjust our expectations to what is real, to what is possible and to what is true.”
But I have learned to believe and have faith in what could be made real, to believe that anything is possible and what might appear to others to be untrue, might just be the truth of the universe.

My faith has come from others that I would also call “People of Faith.” Their faith as mine comes in believing that there is a higher power that has instructed us in what is the right thing to do and anything can be made real if we just have the faith of a mustard seed and are willing to do whatever is necessary to make that dream a reality.

People like Alvin York, Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King all had faith in God and were willing to do whatever was necessary to make their dream a reality. The spirit within drove them to dream that impossible dream.

If you want to see a impossible dream that became a reality, there is one right here in Barstow. It’s called “Oasis House.”  Its founder and guiding light is Larry Shook. I would say his name could be listed with the ones listed above.

Steve Beavers

Tepid or toxic?

Re: “President Obama’s re-election chances are not good, and rightly so” (Richard Reeb, Commentary, July 11).

I agreed with Dr. Reeb on Obama’s reelection chances right up to the last paragraph, where he says, “We are governed by a President whose affection for our country and its fundamental principles is tepid.” Tepid? I would say toxic.

As I sit here at my computer, there is a UN committee in New York trying to negotiate a global arms treaty which would regulate international trade of conventional arms.  Obama reversed the 2006 decision of the Bush administration to oppose the treaty process. Why? Because Obama and his administration has done everything possible (“Fast and Furious”) to bring private gun ownership in the United States under the regulation of the United Nations. The Second Amendment has been a thorn in their side since President Obama took the oath of office.

The NRA executive vice president warns that the “UN’s refusal to remove civilian fire arms and ammunition from the scope of the treaty amounts to a declaration that only governments should be gun owners.” 

If the progressive globalists can get most of this through, they will have institutionalized gun control within the UN — with a permanent funding mechanism that we American taxpayers and gun owners will, in large part, be paying for. It will be within the UN’s regulations to demand the gun ownership records of each country. Who will have such records? The United States has such records.

The latest outrage is that the most recent country selected for the committee is Iran. Iran, which has been sanctioned several times by the UN and has been found guilty of  transferring guns and bombs to Syria. Obviously, Iran is the logical choice since they have much experience in trafficking illegal arms.

Surely there is an electorate out there that can see we are being taken down the wrong path and a great distance away from the Constitutional rights our founding fathers left in our hands.

Nancy Dittman

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