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Letters to Editor

 Follow the money trail

“Follow the Money Trail” is an old saying that is used in law enforcement and political skullduggery and this money trail was easy to follow. It led right to Walmart Corporation and politicians on the take.

Walmart has fast become the symbol for greed and self interest in our country. They have poured millions of dollars into payoffs to politicians to get special treatment.

First was the agreement that allows Mexican big rigs to come into our country from Mexico and travel our highways to deliver goods that has arrived in Mexican ports. These big rigs are driven by unlicensed Mexican drivers and they don’t carry any insurance from any insurance company located in the United States. They are paid half of what American truck drivers are paid and they have put American truckers out of work.

The vast majority of the freight they are hauling from Mexico is going to Walmart warehouses located all across the United States. This freight was shipped in from China to Mexican ports, loaded onto Mexican big rigs and now is being trucked all over our country by Mexican trucks. This saves Walmart millions of dollars every year because it’s much cheaper for them to have China ship items into a Mexican port instead of shipping to a port in the United States and it’s much cheaper for them to pay Mexican trucking companies to deliver this freight than it would be to have American trucking companies deliver the freight.

Now Walmart has decided they are losing money to retailers located on-line and out of state, as these retailers don’t charge any state sales tax if they aren’t “physically located” in our state.

So to put these on-line retailers out of business, Walmart has given millions of dollars in payoffs to our politicians to pass a law that will force all on-line retailers to charge you state sales tax on everything you buy on-line. When you add in the shipping charges on these items, they will cost you more than if you bought an item at a Walmart store.

The conservative Republican had been against this new law, but since Walmart has stuffed their pockets with millions of dollars they are now all in favor. The socialist liberals have always been in favor of this law, so it now appears this law is a done deal. The big winners are Walmart and the politicians that will have millions more of your tax dollars to spend on their pork projects. The losers will be the poor, who will now be even poorer thanks to these politicians and Walmart.

Steve Beavers

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