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Letters to the Editor

Political theft

Yes we have been robbed, but there won’t be any arrests or charges filed; it was the politicians that some voted for who have stolen our city’s funds. The state took our redevelopment funds back so they can have them to use to fund their pork projects up in Sacramento.

The same politicians have given the green light to Jerry Brown to start building his “legacy,” the high speed train that will cost the state more than $68 billion to complete.
Why is there no recall to get this man out of office? And he still believes that by scaring the voters with his doomsday propaganda we will vote to raise taxes on ourselves.
You know he might just be right, iIf the same idiots that voted for him are fooled once again by his lies and deceptions.

Avery Goodfellow

Way to go Mitt

After changing his position on every major issue throughout his campaign it’s encouraging to see that Mitt Romney has finally — finally — taken a firm stand on one issue: not releasing more of his tax returns. I just hope he continues to draw strength from his inner Leona Helmsley and stand up to liberals and the lamestream media.

Fred Mills

Tax cuts and extensions

The July 10 Desert Dispatch ot suckered by the Associated Press: “Obama urges tax cuts for families under $250,000.” In a little tiny line underneath, we see “Romney supports extending tax cuts for all earners,” spokesperson says. Why is it a tax cut for Obama, but an extension for Romney? They are both talking about the same tax cuts put in place by the Bush administration, years ago.

The only difference is that Obama does not want to extend the cuts for families making over $250,000 a year. This increase would bring in enough revenue to run the federal government about eight days.

Progressive pundits even said, “why don’t the Republicans want to raise the taxes to help pay off the debt?” Approximately eight days of revenue is a mere pittance against the fact the government borrows 40 percent of what it spends. Otherwise, when have we ever heard a Democrat worry about the debt? The word “cut” never comes into play when discussing spending, only when discussing money already belonging to American citizens.
Taxes are always a take. Before the tax, the money was yours to spend.

Tony Marquez

Mayor and governor
Well it looks like we finally have a change in mayors. About time. I think I might as well run for it. After all they always import the big jobs and I live in Yermo. That would be a good job for me; I could work six months and retire with a big time pension.

Now that our wonderful governor has decided to ruin more of the best cropland in the country for a railroad that will never run, get ready for famine and pestilence like old times. There is only so much farmland on earth and when it is gone for pie-in-the-sky railroads and housing we can all starve.

Joe Golden

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