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Letters to the Editor

Are we headed for a fall
Re: “The forest is full” (Mike Ranger, Letters, July 4).

I would ask that we take a closer look at where our country stands today and take a closer look at a prediction made by a world leader over 50 years ago.

Today the head of the KGB is the leader of the former Soviet Union. He is a devout communist and wants to regain the greatness that was the former Soviet Union. In the United States our country is headed by a socialist dictator that rules by appointing socialist czars and intimidation. Our schools of higher learning are infested with professors who proclaim socialism is the way of the future, and capitalism is dead.

The so-called Cold War is over, but Russia is on its way to becoming a powerful evil force once again. Some 50 years ago a famous world leader proclaimed to the United States, “We will bury you from within, without firing a single shot.” That was Nikita Khrushchev. When asked about the Vietnam protesters and Jane Fonda, the then leader of Communist China remarked, “They are Idiots.” That was Chairman Mao.

I have no doubt that President Obama will be re-elected. He hasn’t handed out gift cards as was done in Mexico to win the election. He has handed out “Free Citizenship for Illegal Aliens” and he has turned the United States into a country that is truly not a Christian Country.

In the July 4 edition of our paper over and over again the words of our founding fathers was published and the resounding theme of their words was, “No country can become a great nation without the blessing of Jesus Christ our Lord and God.”
If those words and thoughts are true, then the present-day United States is headed for a great fall. For what God would bless a nation that has killed over 50 million unborn children and burned them in fire as medical waste?

Steven Beavers

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