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Letters to the editor, July 2, 2007

Who would really benefit from Barstow casino project?

Reference: Casino Update article

We all know that the majority of the citizens want the Indian Casinos in our backyard. The hand-full of people who still disagree with it developing have been drowned out by the business community and the elected officials. The business community sees personal profits and the elected officials, probably see some personal profit as well.

The “Casino Update” article appearing in the paper (6-28-07) is a sad display of desperation. What a pathetic dramatization of poverty to sanction panhandling. Dragging one’s old home to the steps of the State Capitol is truly sad. It is a real shame that family and many more on and off reservations have and continue to live in substandard conditions. I hope the legislators see this dismal display as begging. The spokesman, Tom Shields, is quoted as saying the tribe has been “left by the wayside”, and “The Barstow Project would provide a revenue stream and path to self-sufficiency.” “They’re really looking for an opportunity just to take care of their own.”

Now what part of any of those statements suggest taking care of the citizens of Barstow who are living in shanty conditions? What part of the comments speaks out about just how wholesome this is for the moral fiber of the community. It doesn’t, it simply shows a self-centered postured by the tribe of saying this is owed them. Draining money from other people for self gain under some loose statement that they can’t make it where they are. They need our land for no purpose than to make the “fat-cats” fatter.

The casinos is more than just an issue for the citizens of Barstow, it should be of concern to all of those who live in the “Greater” Barstow area. Remember it has never been put on a ballot in simple language for the “greater” population to vote on. Just think approval of the casino in Barstow keeps it out of the tribe’s backyard so they don’t have to deal with the trash, it’s Barstow’s problem.

Ron Paddack


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