Proud father

I appreciate the Daily Press recognizing my son, John “Jay” Jeffs as a SBA small business finalist in the small business person of the year for 2017. It simply made my Father’s Day the best. Indeed, I am so proud of John becoming the leader in security mailboxes with his Letter Locker, which is the highest quality security mailbox in the nation and used as the security mailbox standard by the USPS.

John built his business, which became Jayco Industries here in Apple Valley, where our family has resided since 1977. Clearly, John is a shining example of a self-made entrepreneur, a father and contributor to the Town of Apple Valley — respected by all who know him. Those who know me know that I am usually not at a loss for words.

However, I can say this without question: His mother, Wilma and I, who will be celebrating our 58th wedding anniversary next month, must be the proudest parents on earth, with the deepest love and affection in our hearts and minds for our son, John…. And likewise for our daughter, Donna, daughter-in-law Sara and granddaughter Charlotte.

Daniel B. Jeffs

Apple Valley

English inaccuracies

The letter on June 11, "English in California," appalls me. His letter is so full of inaccuracies, it is pitiful.

6) Because we live in a "free country, every culture, religion, and language is allowed, and protected by the Constitution, and the Bill of rights, So, he is wrong again.

7) To say "Our schools are failing and we are graduating students who speak English with very little fluency." Wrong! I have been teaching school for now 54 years! He needs to visit a public school, to verify this. Listen to my 4th-, 5th-, and 6th-grade children fluently speak Spanish/English, some speak Arabic/English, and several other foreign languages with English, just beautiful, and amazing.

8) Spanish not being the first language in America is another fallacy. English settlers came to America in 1620. The Spanish came to the Caribbean, Mexico, South America and the Southwest in the early 1500s. America’s first state capital is in Santa Fe, New Mexico, 1609, 11 years prior to the pilgrims landing in Massachusetts. The California Missions were founded in the 1700s.

9) No! Wrong again! The Spanish speaking people are not attempting to take over the Southwest by population growth. True, we are the fastest growing population, and will be the largest population in America, within 20 years. That does not mean that we will take over the country. Another misconception!

I would advise the writer to Read the books by Dr. Rodolfo Acuna or one of my two books, or books mentioned in the bibliographies of both, or just go to your local Junior College, take a class, or go to a County Library and read the above issues. Please inform yourself, sir!

God Bless America!

Felix G. Diaz


Off-roading in Juniper Flats

Your June 18 front-page article relayed the Sheriff Department’s reminder that there are no legal riding areas for OHV riders within city limits as well as the Deep Creek spillway area. However, I cringed when the article went on to say that Juniper Flats is open to OHVs. I’d like your readers to understand that Juniper Flats is designated as a “limited use area” by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), meaning that there are some clearly-marked open routes that may be used by off-roaders, but most of the area is off-limits for such activities.

Unfortunately, some off-roaders don’t stay on the open routes in Juniper Flats, creating unsightly scarring of these beautiful lands and damage to important riparian areas vital to the wildlife, as well as the aesthetic beauty of the area. As a volunteer with the BLM-Barstow, and working with them on a restoration grant for Juniper Flats, I have personally seen immense damage done by off-roaders while we attempt to repair and restore the damaged areas. Part of Juniper Flats is also designated as an Area of Critical Environmental Concern (ACEC), indicating qualities or circumstances that make it fragile, sensitive, irreplaceable or unique, and includes significant historical, cultural or scenic value.

I’m afraid your article left too much of an impression that Juniper Flats is an open OHV area like Johnson Valley and Stoddard Valley, which it is not. Rather it is intended for combined activities like hiking, horseback riding, and camping in addition to some off-road activities such as for dirt motorcycles. As your article implied, off-roaders should contact the BLM, U.S. Forest Service or local Sheriff’s stations for information regarding legal riding areas and rules of riding in limited use areas. BLM has a great brochure on Juniper Flats.

David Hansen


Use fireworks safely

Phantom Fireworks hopes everyone enjoys a wonderful family Independence Day holiday, and, if you use consumer fireworks, please use them safely.  There is no good consumer fireworks experience if it does not emphasize safety first.

Phantom advises everyone to follow the safety rules, obey the fireworks laws where you are using them and have the products used by a sober adult who conforms to the rules.

Phantom asks anyone using consumer fireworks to familiarize themselves with the fireworks use rules posted in the Fireworks University section of

The primary rule is that a designated adult should handle, control and set off the fireworks.  The designated shooter must refrain from using alcohol until after the fireworks show.

There should be an adequate water supply in case of emergencies. A connected hose is best, but a fire extinguisher or even a bucket of water will do.

The audience should be a safe distance away from the launch site.  Phantom advises a minimum of 35 feet from any ground-based product.
Use only one firework item at a time.

Never tried to relight a product that does not work the first time.

Never place any part of your body over a firework item.

Soak spent fireworks in water overnight, then dispose of them in a nonflammable container away from the house and outside of any structure.

Enjoy the Fourth of July holiday with your family, and do so safely.

Thank you.

William A. Weimer

Vice President, Phantom Fireworks

Clean hands, dirty hearts

The latest violence unleashed on Republicans, i.e. the shooting in Virginia specifically, and the outward hatred for the Trump Administration in particular can be laid at the feet of the Democratic leadership.

Their vitriolic demonizing of the results of the past election, coupled with claims that President Trump is illegitimate, only gives those on the psychological edge justification to act out violently. Their leadership  can pretend unity by mimicking Pontius Pilate washing his hands, but their hearts aren't in it!

William Cash