No changes anytime soon

Now that Apple Valley's Measure F has succeeded, don't be expecting changes in the handling of your water company anytime soon. From my understanding, the results of this election will be tied up in the courts of appeals for at least two to three years. Who pays for legal costs, taxpayers?

Residents of Apple Valley will have to wait quite a while before they see any evidence of savings on their water bill, that is if there are savings to be had. Time will tell.

Linda McCreadie

Apple Valley

Don't dismiss single-payer 

Healthcare for all is an issue that has recently moved way up in the public eye thanks to the California Senate’s passage of SB562, a proposal to replace private health insurance with a statewide health plan that covers everyone. Last Friday, this paper characterized the passage of the bill as a “political stunt,” but given the same facts, I believe that the effort is a courageous political statement that has the potential to improve the lives of all Californians.

First, the figures. While everyone seems to be fixated on the $400 billion estimate to provide healthcare to everyone, few are asking, “what are we paying now?” That number is about $370 billion that went to all of the state’s healthcare services from business, government and individual sources over the last 12 months. The simple arithmetic puts us just 7.5 percent short of covering everyone.

But that $400 billion figure is an estimate by the staff of the California Senate Appropriations Committee; a more comprehensive study by economists using hard data and modelling recently arrived at a figure of $330 billion, which is an annual savings of $40 billion over what Californians are paying now to cover millions more. How can this be? Among about a dozen cost-saving benefits, the ability to negotiate drug prices with pharmaceutical companies and to negotiate fair and reasonable prices for medical services based largely on existing Medicare reimbursement rates would greatly decrease costs. Savings would also be realized from administrative efficiencies resulting from a single, non-profit entity managing the system. And insurance companies would go away, eliminating their overblown profits and the obscene bonuses given to CEOs as a reward for raising rates and denying services.

This is an extremely complex issue with a years-long timeline, but the Senate’s recent action is not “pie in the sky” nor is it, alternatively, a sign that “the sky is falling,” it is an encouraging first step toward bringing the number of Californians who are uninsured or underinsured down to zero. Providing healthcare for all is a worthy goal; it will save lives and will also rein in what are currently ever-upward costs. It is well worth pursuing.

Byron Ward

Spring Valley Lake


Hank Williams Jr. was fired by ESPN for making racist remarks about President Obama, including comparing him to Adolf Hitler, but in Donald Trump’s America such things are now apparently acceptable and Williams is being invited back to Monday Night Football. Again, not a peep from the right about this.

Donald Trump did not bring the unemployment rate down to 4.3 percent, Barack Obama did. No jobs have yet been created by Donald Trump’s economic policies because he hasn’t yet done anything to create jobs. The stock market saw bigger gains in Obama’s first months as president than Trump’s. No new pipelines have actually been approved yet, so no new jobs building them. The Republican plan to “repeal and replace” the ACA is so horrific and would hurt so many Americans the Republican Senate won’t even consider it. The “onerous” EPA regulations Trump repealed were protecting our air, water, food, etc. Trump is even allowing toxic wastes from coal mines to be pumped into people’s drinking water.

What foreign companies are making new investments in U.S. industries because of Trump? Oil and other energy production and manufacturing all increased under Obama. Trump has shown total contempt for the law and the Constitution as he continues to act as if they don’t apply to him.

His unilateral and unpopular withdraw from the Paris accords because he thinks coal will make a comeback and he can “negotiate” a better deal, has put us in league with only Nicaragua, who didn’t think the Paris Accords went far enough, and Syria, which currently has bigger problems on its hands, as the only nations not on board with the international efforts to save the planet.

Emperor Trump is reshaping America into an unmitigated disaster after eight highly successful, scandal free years under Obama. He has stocked the White House with bottom dwellers as unfit and unqualified for their jobs as he is, routinely humiliated our nation with his erratic behavior and idiotic tweets at home and abroad, alienated our allies and emboldened our enemies and undermined our respect and credibility in the world, leaving traditional allies and many world leaders saying they cannot trust us anymore.

The sooner we can remove Donald Trump from the White House, the better.

Johnathan Haas

Apple Valley

Wal-Mart’s new Barstow store 

Not since transgender bathrooms have I seen such a boondoggle. Barstow's new Wal-Mart Supercenter will open July 28. The problem is that some genius decided that it was OK to destock the old store of items like antifreeze, coffee, aspirin and half the store is missing.

The trouble is us suckers who have grown accustomed to shopping Wal-Mart Barstow and now are faced with the dilemma: Drive to Victorville or wait?

E.T. Snell

Newberry Springs

Democrats and whining

The bellyacher from Barstow needs to lighten up. He has already burst a blood vessel in his brain and is hallucinating about a vacation to Trump Land. He must know they would never let him in. Really now, you snowflakes must pace yourselves. You may have seven and one half years to spew your bile. It’s your fault for nominating someone whose first boss said he would never hire her again because she had no morals.

As a side note congrats to the Apple Valley voters. You have wounded Goliath. Hopefully the judge will finish him off.

John Pedigo

Apple Valley