Free us from Liberty ... Utilities

I have lived in Hesperia, Oak Hills, Victorville and now for the past four years in beautiful Apple Valley. The issue I am having in Apple Valley is the price gouging being done by Liberty Utilities. In all of the other cities in the High Desert the water prices are half or less than the rates of Liberty.

Yet, they have sued for more increases because people are using less water. While their rates climb, I am watching all the trees and foliage waste away. I am seeing people lose their houses. I know of many people's water being cut off because they no longer can afford it.

What really upset me was receiving Liberty propaganda in the mail giving misrepresented statistics to us as if we are idiots. They say in their flier that 90 percent of consumers they researched are paying the same bill they were years ago. Well, being a student of statistics I know they chose their own few that they wanted to look at. I also know that people are cutting back and sacrificing because the bill they have been paying is all they can afford to pay. So, yes! Liberty Utilities was able to find a select few people they chose that are paying the same amount as they were.

We know the truth, our water prices have never been higher. They are the highest in any area. So whatever we need to do as a community, support the cause to free Apple Valley from Liberty.

David Baptist

Apple Valley

We’re mad as hell and ...

A friend and I were chatting yesterday and she said that she wasn’t very interested in the Super Bowl this year, because her team wasn’t in it. I had to agree because my team isn’t in it either. At first we wrote it off as just a passing thing.

But after giving it a very brief bit of thought, we decided that we are going to rally all those people whose team(s) didn’t make it to the Super Bowl, get out in the streets, protesting, yelling, screaming, breaking windows and setting fire to everything in sight. We’ll show these deplorable morons in charge of the NFL who the real fans are!

All you misguided Patriots and Falcons fans better be find a place to hide because if we see any of you out there wearing Super Bowl gear ... you’re gonna get pepper sprayed ... if not sucker punched. And, we don’t care what your gender or gender preference is, either. And the NFL better post some guards around the headquarters (wherever that is) too. It’s your fault for forcing us to have to do this!

Oh! For those of you that are a little slow on the uptake ... and a little too quick on the knee reflex ... isn’t this just the new American way?

John Smith

Apple Valley

Solutions and final solutions

A writer from Silver Lakes, who often appears in Letters to the Editor, begins her letter of Feb. 8 by saying, “Real compassion for unwanted children should focus on the born.” She then goes on to cite statistics about the suffering of many children born in the United States each year.

I don’t normally pay a lot of attention to this writer’s stuff, but this time, I need some clarification on exactly what she is saying. Is she saying it is better to abort a child than to have it lead a life of suffering? This idea is nothing new. "A Modest Proposal," Jonathan Swift’s famous essay of 1729, covered basically the same ground.

Yes, indeed, many children in the U.S. are born into dreadful situations: unwanted, unloved, neglected and abused. But, killing babies isn’t the solution for this. When our desire to alleviate human suffering degenerates into a drive to eliminate the humans who suffer, we have come far down the wrong path.

One of the lesser known facets of the Holocaust is that between 1940 and 1943, the government of Nazi Germany systematically euthanized 75,000 German citizens who were physically and mentally handicapped. They virtually cleaned out the asylums of Germany. They did this because the victims were unproductive and a burden on society, and were leading lives that weren’t really worth living anyway.

So, here’s a question for the letter-writer, and for all the rest of us as well: As soon as we start deciding who lives and who dies based on some hypothetical quality of life they may or may not have, how are we any different from the government of Nazi Germany?

Forrest Edward Metz



In “Response to getting cranky,” Jan. 27 Daily Press, a writer attempts a reply to an earlier Letter asking, “…who is going to make us great again?,” but suggesting "(A)…lazy people that don’t want to work, (B) Women on welfare…, (C) ...disability…too depressed to work, (D) All of the above,” responding, “…didn’t all this happen under the Democrat's watch?,” further asking, “Aren't these issues the reason there are so many cranky people?”

Now I don’t know about the Demos, but in some 18 years using my favorite if somewhat unknown correspondence site A2K, I’ve logged an interesting statistic of pertinence having started two listings, one “Good Guys,” and the other, “Not.” (These correspondents are complete strangers at remote sites all over the world). As it turns out, so far there are 25 of the former but only 19 of the latter. Owing to the general condition of today’s world, I have noted the cranky ones largely as realists; but then today how can anyone be friendly and optimistic? So I call these 25 “Goofball.”

The world thus divided into Cranks and Goofballs. The Cranks I call TAATANE (pronounced “tot a knee”), and I do understand ’em as I used to be one myself. As a retired fella of 86 and depressed by the idea of work but otherwise cheerful — mainly because my Better Half makes all the important decisions — I now find myself leanin’ toward the Goofball quadre. (Yes, BH agrees, am slightly crazy.)

Indeed I was a Democrat and an atheist but as I matured I passed through the Independent and agnostic, while now find myself a sort of politically torn and spiritually teetering but no longer the Crank.

For the curious student of the bizarre, it’s “Terribly angry at all times about nearly everything.” So writer, which’n’ wouldja rather be?

Dale Hileman

Apple Valley