First baby isn't good news

I agree with the writer of "First baby isn't good news," Opinion Page, Jan. 4. I have the same concerns regarding the fourth child for a 19-year-old, no mention of a father or husband, the socio-economic concerns, and the inherent flaws in our welfare system.

Elizabeth Farmer

Spring Valley Lake

What ethics in Congress?

On the first day of the new Congress there was a row over the gutting of the Office of Congressional Ethics. The Senate Ethics Committee had already been gutted back in 1997 so that Chuck Hagel could be seated after winning the Senate race in Nebraska. Hagel did not reveal to the Senate that his company American Information Systems (later renamed Election Systems and Software) had counted the vote in this race that polls showed was neck and neck. Hagel won by 25 percent. Nebraska election law does not allow hand recounts. When a recount is asked for, the ballots are merely run through the same ES&S scanners and get the same results.

Hagel was called to account for his lie by the director of the Senate Ethics Committee, Victor Baird, who resigned in 1997. Hagel refused to comment on the ethics filing, which later disappeared. In 2002 the question arose again when Hagel ran for re-election and the request was stonewalled by the Ethics Committee. Hagel was again allowed to take his seat without revealing his connection to ES&S. He was CEO and actually owned the company through his McCarthy Group.

Chuck Hagel is a nice guy who served his country well. His drawback is what this all about — ethics. This seems to be a problem in politics that is only going to grow under the incoming administration.

Tom Freeman

Pinon Hills

Apple Valley's new Riverwalk

Living along the Mojave River has given us some wonderful views. Before the city invested in putting in concrete walkways we would have walkers and bike riders pass by. Now that the concreting is done we still have walkers and bike riders but can now add the eyesore of shopping carts from the Jess Ranch Marketplace.

Why empty shopping carts end up abandoned along the path is a mystery. We can call Code Enforcement each time but they need to come out at least weekly without a prompting. And if the cart has been pushed over the edge and into the riverbed? "Not their problem" to quote the men sent out to deal with the carts. And you can bet that they won't contact the agency whose problem it is. All that money to make a new problem that the city won't take responsibility for. And we are stuck with a shopping cart view.

Dana Bingham

Apple Valley

Deep seated problem

My mother was a staunch anti-communist. She told me, back in the early ‘60s, that the communists would infiltrate many facets of our society in order to put forward their Godless agenda and defeat us from within.

As my mom predicted, we now see the Statist ideology and liberal bias has permeated, among others, our mainstream media, entertainment industry and educational system. I felt blindsided recently by proof of the Statist success in upending our educational system.

Some college students were being solicited for their opinions. One of the questions they were asked was: Do you have a more favorable opinion of Fidel Castro or Donald Trump?

Regardless of their ultimate answer, the most common first response was, “That’s a tough question.” That’s a tough question? That’s only a tough question if your educators kept you ignorant of the cruel tyranny wreaked by a communist, Marxist, or socialist centralized government. Several of the students even picked Castro as most favorable; God help us.

I have high hopes for President Trump to enact a turnaround, but I’m afraid our nation's problems are awfully deep seated.

Stephen M. Jenkins


Inaugural party

I must agree with Mr. Cash about the music at the inaugural party, the Marine Corps Band and choir would be perfect or any other U.S. Military Band, they play music most Americans like, they don’t have costume malfunctions, they are not trying to one up anyone, and we already know who they respect, America, it always makes you feel good to see them perform and they are a class act, every time.

It would be a very good start, to "Make America Great Again," although I never thought it wasn’t. I truly love my country, and this might be a great tradition to start.

May God continue to bless us.

Penny Terry

Oak Hills

Lies that never go away

Once again a truth-challenged letter writer tells the same old lies about Republicans vetoing VA benefits. First, only the president can veto any bill originating from Congress, second, HR 3251 would have created 27 new VA clinics, not hospitals, passed in the lower house on a vote of 346-1, third when sent to the Democratic controlled Senate, HR 3251 was killed in the VA committee by Democrats. But facts never seem to bother the rabid left, who hate everyone that is not a socialist and yet blame the Republicans for being the hate mongers.

Also, some people fail to realize that increasing the minimum wage only decreases jobs. The increase in productivity since 1973 has come from automation and technology, not from more productive workers.  Where has all of the phone operators, service station attendants, bank cashiers, travel agents and countless other jobs gone? To automation and technology, which eliminates jobs when workers become too expensive.

Furthermore, if you are unhappy with your current wage, get an education, learn a skill, because opportunity knocks for those who earn it, not to those who demand it.

Thomas Whittington

Apple Valley


I, like many High Desert residents, travel Bear Valley Road on a daily basis. Almost every day as I approach Cottonwood the westbound traffic is backed up to the freeway. The reason for this is simple: The traffic lights at Mariposa and the eastbound 15 are not coordinated. The traffic light for the freeway entrance turns red as soon as the traffic light at Mariposa turns green. Because of this, westbound traffic does not flow, instead backing up to Cottonwood.

It's hard for me to believe that some well-paid government engineer didn't figure this out. Maybe the Daily Press can exert some much-needed pressure on the city and/or Caltrans to look at this situation and coordinate the lights.

Also, several days ago the Daily Press had an editorial regarding the lack of traffic enforcement on Bear Valley and Main Street. Several weeks ago I was told by a sergeant at the Apple Valley Station that the entire High Desert has zero motorcycle officers. Having once been a motor officer for the LAPD I can tell you that they are the best traffic enforcement tool available. It's time for the sheriff to re-assign motorcycle officers back to the High Desert.

John R. Olive

Apple Valley