Ready for real change

I am a little younger than the antacid guzzler ("2016 Election," Daily Press, Jan. 3). I must admit that I too was panicked about the outcome of this election, but for different reasons. I had hoped that President Obama would have been a man of his word and bring real hope and change to America. He brought the wrong kind. My pockets only held change and my children and grandchildren’s full-time jobs turned into part-time ones, thanks to Obamacare.

I didn’t take the time to understand Donald Trump, as my choice was more conservative. But once he won the primary, I got on the bandwagon, hoping that the stupid and vitriolic things he said were meant to throw the Democrats off — apparently, they were and it worked. I have been greatly impressed.

Having served a local nonprofit organization for nearly 20 years (before retiring), helping single mothers find hope and direction for their lives and their children, the choice to fill the Supreme Court vacancy (and possibly other future vacancies) was especially important for me and my wife. With over 55 million Americans dead because of abortion, my prayer was that the Lord would give us another chance to end this horrific practice — thank God, He has!

Since Mr. Trump won the election, I have been extremely impressed with his Cabinet choices — men and women who are not beholden to politicians or interest groups but will have a clear mandate — to serve American citizens — not illegal foreign settlers. He is bringing common sense business acumen to the White House.

Yes, the immigration issue is difficult and complex, but one that will be solved. I am confident that President-Elect Trump will do what is right for American citizens and legal residents, even as California Legislators are hell-bent on fighting his efforts.

I’m sure that once President Trump takes over, the terrorist prisoners that Obama transferred to other countries will be returned to Guantanamo; healthcare will get fixed; taxes will be reduced, and people will get back to work — full time, and once again our wallets will fill. He has done more good for America — already — than Barack Obama has done in all his eight years of leading from behind.

Dennis Morris


A little leaven

I ask a question of the letter writer of "We need understanding, not villifying" on 12/28. Why does he play the game of asking for chapter and verse documentation of what his party does, did, is doing, says, has said, and continues to say?

When a Democrat speaks, they say, "If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor." If you like your gun, you can keep your gun. If you like your Christian bakery, you can keep that too. It's the principle of inertia. A body in motion stays in motion until it is stopped and left wing policy never stops. And the direction the Democrats are moving toward is not compatible with the Constitution.

Obama has been suggesting for the recent several years that the government needs to step into the ring of free press and even social media and regulate the information being shared. The Democrats already tried to alter the wording in the First Amendment to expel influential money sources from participation in politics (no doubt, their own money sources would know all the loopholes). The LA Times published a piece stating that tax exemptions should be taken away from churches because charity belongs in the hands of government because of concerns of "discrimination" (the government should decide how to spend or even give away your money for you because you can't be trusted and God can't be trusted either).

I know what I've seen, heard, and read and I'm not going to do everyone's homework for them. If you've been living in a bubble, sad for you. The intentions of Left Wing philosophy are no hidden secret, there are failed nation/states all over the globe that embraced left wing views and are now suffering domestic terrorism in Europe and empty grocery shelves in South America. They are horrible places to live. And as the Bible says, "a little leaven... leaventh the whole lump."

Jamie Post

Apple Valley

Voters had their say

It boggles the mind as to why there is so much attention given to the Electoral College compared to the popular vote. The Electoral College had nothing to do with the popular vote for the Senate, and other government positions. The voters (only) voted these folks to those positions and the Republican vote won. Plain and simple.

The American voter was tired of the eight years of Obama. Now "we" who voted Republican would very much appreciate support from those who did not vote Republican. Try to restrain yourselves and stop the hate stuff directed at President-elect Donald Trump.

Change during the last eight years did not happen as promised and the prophecy of the Dem's savior was a big let down and most of us suspect that is really where the anger is coming from. We keep hearing that President-Elect Donald Trump has no plans for overhauling the Affordable Care Act and yet the Democrats say they have known (for some time) there is fault with the Affordable Care Act. Why weren't those faults addressed? The Dems say they recognize that jobs in the United States are being lost to other countries, why hasn't that been addressed?

When Dems know there is a horrific problem with law enforcement and riots, and gang issues, why did they not address those issues? More jobs have been lost than created under the Obama Administration but instead of addressing that, Dems hide under the statement of "more jobs being created." Is that really addressing the issue of jobs lost?

We want leadership that stands up for the American people and our Great Country. Give the new Administration a chance. It is shameful that Congressional leaders are orchestrating a vile attempt to stop Trump. So childish. The Dems on Capital Hill and Obama continue to make our country the laughing stock of the world. What a shame. It's not too late to turn that focus around and support the new administration instead of being a part of the problem that creates a division of thinking in our country.

God Bless America!

Jeri Lawrence

Spring Valley Lake