Misguided Obama/Hillary gang

So let's review. First, the Hillary Clinton campaign insults the "solid" blue state belt by pretty much taking some of them for granted, and by not even sending Hillary to campaign in Wisconsin. Then they compound the insult by telling them, in pushing for and helping with recounts, that they don't know how to count.

A judge throws out their demand for recounts in Michigan and Pennsylvania, the ruling coming after some recount activity had already begun. In Wisconsin, the only state wherein a recount was completed, Trump actually was credited with more votes than the original tally showed. He gained votes in the recount. In Michigan and Pennsylvania only one thing of note was discovered, and that is that 37 percent of Detroit's precincts counted more ballots than the number of voters reported by poll workers. (No, Martha, you sound like a delusional Republican, that couldn't possibly be evidence of voter fraud.)

Next they attack the Electoral College and get their far left celebrity parrots to beseech members to go rogue and turn their votes against Donald Trump. Even anti-American President Obama chimed in with "the Electoral College is a vestige, it's a carry-over from an earlier vision of how our federal government was going to work that put a lot of premium on states." That didn't work either. First, only two electors defected to vote against Trump, but five electors defected to vote against Hillary. Second, Democrats only squawk about the Electoral College when they win the popular vote but lose the electoral vote. When they lose the popular but win the electoral they never attack the Electoral College; in that instance, they defend it ferociously. Here's a little information that illustrates the reason for, and the importance of, the Electoral College. There are 3,141 counties in the country. Even though Hillary took more popular votes overall, Trump won 2,623 counties while Hillary only won 489 counties, according to the "Atlas of U.S. Presidential Elections."

When our lefty media, our lefty friends, and all those urchins in the street follow the pied piper in telling you that conservatives are irrelevant in today's society and political scene, you can explain to them how misguided they are.

Gabriel Portillo


More on skating

Re: "Of Skating and Liability," ... Alrighty then...

First off, the leaders of Hesperia didn't use taxpayers money to fund the hokey subpar Lime St. Skatepark. It was funded by Pharmacy Boardshop and a few others, because the failed leadership in that city couldn't step up for the local youth to get it done properly.

Second, every skatepark around the country has a sign displayed that reads: "All persons using the facility do so at their own risk." My sons and I wear our helmets. I preach the importance of safety to the riders all the time. I even did a safety demo at our park's grand opening event in Apple Valley for the riders to see. I do my best with these riders. As far as enforcing the rules at the park, that’s a staffing issue! Taxpayers' money pretty much funds/subsidizes all our local country clubs, so the mostly well off can golf.

The towns/cities should have security service enforce the laws of the whole park system, along with kicking out the druggies and 40 drinkers. We've discussed this issue at council meetings before, but I'm guessing it's not seen as "top priority" like golf.

Well, maybe it should be.

Furmage Family

"First Family Of Freestyle BMX"

Apple Valley

Restaurant changed

Boy what a disappointment Johnny Carino’s is since they changed and remodeled it. It went from a quiet, dark, intimate restaurant to just another noisy overly lighted sports bar. Don't we have enough sports bars in High Desert without having another?

Had to endure a drunk loudmouth in the bar area which is now right by the regular seats instead of the other end like it used to be. He was so loud we couldn't even hear ourselves talk. Then the service took forever, from the moment I went in there to food was finally served was a solid hour. Wife's meatballs were bland and sausage was not good, not like the old Johnny Carino's. Thank God the timballo is still excellent. The service was slow and terrible. No blame to the waitresses, who were all courteous and did their best under the circumstances of being understaffed.

This went from my favorite restaurant in the whole High Desert down to near the worst. Change is not always good people and this is case in point.

Gary Pearson


The Putin factor

Just what did Russia do to influence our election?

I could probably just repeat that seemingly innocuous question — and just sign off, ‘cause as far as I know there has not been one iota of proof that tells me the Russians, by hacking Hillary Clinton’s or John Podesta’s e-mail accounts contributed to one voter changing sides, which causes me to mentally picture the following:

Vladimir Putin is standing in front of a bank of large screen TVs — in a concrete and steel bunker, probably several stories beneath ground level, in an offsite location that you and I can only guess at — and that Russia’s Fourth Estate would ever know not to ask about.

Obviously, Vlad, is very recognizable — even from this angle — with his pixie-Rambo build and thinning and receding hairline, but, to be sure, the shirtless icon can really be none other.

Subtle sounds coming from the many monitors are in a computer’s language but it’s understandably on-key and adds to the human activity — that must be taking place in other facets of the screen that make up the panorama in my mind’s eye.

Frozen in time, as it were, and as frozen as I am — frozen in it. If they (whoever “they” are) are willing to respond to any portion of my opening question — the very least I can do is to sit here uncomplaining and let them do it!

Okay, here it is: Mr. Putin has just turned to one of his underlings, and commanded the following: “Hold my vodka — and watch this!” He is holding a portable mouse, and the entire room (including me) turns to concentrate their attention on Vladimir’s personal TV monitor, and as he reaches the metal railing protecting the unending line of 65 inchers, he directs the mouse’s arrow-tip (which is the cocked digit of a very large hand), to the upper-right-cap of the voter’s right ear, and very audibly “flicks it!”

Wow! There it is! Solid as rock. No more speculation now! Proof positive that the Russians are manipulating our election process to make sure that Donald Trump succeeds in winning the President’s post in 2016. LOL!

Philip Pederson

Apple Valley