Abortion exception

I am a supporting and practicing Catholic. I have always been pro-life, anti-abortion without exception and I have been ranting and raving this rhetoric as long as I can remember until just recently. I had a revelation and I have changed my mind and therefore decided to make one exception. And maybe I can sway some people to see my logic and change their position to make an exception on abortions too.

There has been a lot of arguments on both sides of the abortion issue regarding things like incest, rape, prospective mother's health, etc. So here's my one and only exception to abortion ... if my Lord God and savior Jesus Christ would make an exception to kill a baby in the womb by abortion, the most innocent of all humans, then I would make that exception too. And I don't think that there is any Christian out there that doesn't know the answer to that.

Thank you Jesus. I would like to suggest my exception to everybody who encounters telephonic or other kinds of surveys regarding abortions. I think that is the only way we will be able to reverse Roe v Wade.

Arthur Zamora


Mother Nature vs Father God

Hard to believe that there are still some that embrace as true an anthropological god, either male or female, that visits specific geographical locations on this minuscule speck in the universe with catastrophic weather to punish humans for their "sins."

Bizarre and comical thinking. Oh, well, some comic relief during the fractious holiday season is welcome. Happy Saturnalia, everyone!

Nancy Oswald

Silver Lakes

Burning the American flag

A flag is sacred? Who are you trying to kid? A flag is not sacred, it is a symbol of secular meaning, not religious meaning. If you think that the U.S. flag is sacred then you have no concept of the meaning of the word sacred. However, if you really feel that the U.S. flag is sacred then you must be outraged over the use of our flag to decorate door mats, paper plates, table cloths, napkins, coffee mugs, glasses, shoes, clothing of all kinds, cigarette lighters, ashtrays, grocery bags, notebooks, wallpaper, guns, clocks, spare tire covers, crosses (yes, the religious kind), fingernails, dog collars, coat racks, and just about everything else including toilet paper and condoms!

The U.S. flag is a revered symbol, because it represents American beliefs, the land of the free. However distasteful it is, that freedom that our flag stands for includes the ability to use or abuse the U.S. flag in protest.

There is hope for all of you who are against freedom. It is possible that the totalitarians that are about to take control of our government will pass a law that makes flag desecration a crime. For right now though we still live in the land of the free. So, if you feel the need to protest you still can. God bless America!

James Windhausen


Putting things in perspective

Let’s put a little perspective on the “Russians hacked the election” mentality. The people telling this story are the same ones who told us that the Benghazi massacre was caused by a YouTube video. They are the same people who surreptitiously sabotaged Bernie Sanders’ campaign. They are also the ones who leaked debate questions to Hillary in advance and organized violent demonstrations and riots at Trump rallies. These are the same people who promised to leave the country, and in the case of Cher, the planet, if Trump won. Yet, Trump won and they're still here. How do Democrats have an ounce of credibility left?

Hillary has more excuses for why she didn't win the election than Jake Blues (Blues Brothers 1980). Who can forget that classic scene in the Blues Brothers movie where John Belushi character is staring down a machine gun in a sewer and he tries to explain to his fiancée why he left her at the altar?

Jake Blues managed to avoid being shot by sniveling and groveling. I don't know what Hillary is hoping to salvage by likewise embarrassing herself so publicly. Like all good liberals, she should just take her participation trophy and go home.

Algot Stephenson

Apple Valley

Nassif to lead Town

Barbara Stanton does not understand the democratic process if she thinks the Town Council should be a team (Daily Press, Apple Valley Review, Dec. 20th).

A team implies "one for all, all for one.” The elected officials should not be a team. Dissenting viewpoints are the hallmark of an effective council. When I served on the council, Bob Sagona and Rick Roelle ensured that there were few 5-0 votes on anything.

Perhaps the Council is in so deep financially that they cannot see a way out. They figure that by working together they can put on a unanimous front. I would encourage at least one (and hopefully three) of the Council members to consider taking a dissenting view. If they choose not to do so, the election in 2018 might prove interesting.

Happy Christmas to all and a safe and (hopefully) prosperous New Year.

Peter W. Allan

Apple Valley

Christ, Christians and Christmas

Thank you, Algot Stephenson, for a really, really good letter about Christmas and the fact that it is not we, who believe, who wish to be separate and exclusive in our faith, because we would have all people everywhere acknowledge the true meaning of this wonderful miracle that took place 2,000 years ago. Merry Christmas!

Carol LaQuay

Apple Valley

Move on, get over it

For eight years snotty and condescending conservatives whined and cried because the American People twice elected a highly intelligent African American to lead our nation into the future, engaging in a repugnant, racist smear and slander campaign against him with Congressional Republicans swearing to oppose anything the black guy supported.

Now these same people, with help from Russia and the right-wing media, have given us an ignorant, bigoted, obnoxious, unqualified and unprepared reality TV idiot, a man so arrogant that he believes he’s smarter than everyone else and thus doesn’t need to attend daily intelligence briefings and spends more time on Twitter than he does preparing for the serious job ahead of him, as our new president, even though he got nearly 3 million fewer votes than his highly qualified opponent.

Since his “election” he has put together a cabinet of deplorables as unqualified for their jobs as he is for his own, several with unnerving ties to Russia and Vladimir Putin, and angered some of our nation’s biggest enemies and alienated many of our allies with his frightening detachment from reality, endangering our nation and our planet, and we’re just supposed to “get over it?" How do we "get over" the impending destruction of our country?

John Young

Apple Valley