We who served don't take our rank lightly

Here we go again! The letter writer of "We who served don't take our rank lightly," which ran in the Daily Press on Dec. 16, is a person I have known longer than he has known me due to the fact I was born in Hesperia in 1934, and he came into existence in the Valley much later. I have been reading his "self-serving", "self-centered" letters in the old Victor Press, now the Daily Press, as well as his editorials, as publisher of his newspaper in Wrightwood, for several years. He always manages to put a "dig" into someone with his criticisms and at the same time giving himself a "pat on the back": e.g. .....when I served on ... School Board ... State Commission ... on a County Board. I did this, I did that, brag, brag.

This man, and several others, have criticized me from my not using proper English, bad punctuation and my college education, to my teaching experience and defending peoples of color, when some commented when they see Latinos protesting in the streets, saying "all those illegals."

Now, some are questioning my "officers ranks" legitimacy assuming, as a State Officer, I take it "lightly."

The writer is the same person who commented several months ago calling "old town Victorville" and the E Street Barrio "A cesspool, a sewer," that should be leveled, and cleaned up! I want to say to him and those other critics, that out of that cesspool/sewer, consisting of some 200 families (mine included) had 140+ men that served in the military, including two of my older brothers! The oldest served in WWII, in the Coast Guard, and the Navy; the second brother went to study at a Seminary; the third brother, along with 13 other California high school cadets, were recruited out of the California Cadet Corps as underclassmen from VVHS (without their diplomas) into the California National Guard (two as young as 16 years of age — Freddie Martinez, and Manuel Hinojos). They were all deployed to Korea with California's 40th Infantry Division.

I was drafted during the "Cold War" between the Korea and Vietnam Wars. I also served four years in the California Cadet Corps at VVHS. I was commissioned an Army captain by then Gov. Pete Wilson, due to my having received a master’s degree and having been teaching for 35 years. That was in 1997. Since then, I have been promoted to my present rank of Lt. Colonel and have continued working with one of California National Guard's Youth Programs (California Cadet Corps). I have included these facts in the two books I published because I knew critics would "come out of the woodwork" regarding any comments I make assuming and criticizing me for whatever.

I only wonder how much these critics have given back to our country, state, and community, to feel so pompous, nose in the air, continuing to criticize me for things they don't criticize others for! God and I know who I am, what I have done, what I stand for and what I believe in as he does each and every one of you! Please, have a conscience and get a grip!

End of story!

And God Bless.

LTC Felix G. Diaz CACC


Busting Clinton supporters 'bubble'

In reading the "Valley Voices" article in Sunday's edition on Dec. 18, I hate to be the one to burst the author's ignorant bubble-thinking, of believing that Hillary Clinton was the American people's choice to be President of the United States. Fact No. 1, over 50 percent of the American people did not vote for lying Hillary, many independents voted for someone other than her. Fact No. 2, the Electoral College has worked well for over 200 years, but now the 'Heavy-Bleeding-Heart-Liberal's are crying that it is obsolete, and want to overturn the results.

Isn't it funny that in 2008, when another candidate who didn't have much experience in politics and foreign affairs won the Presidential election, and won again in 2012 under somewhat questionable circumstances of voter fraud, there were no mass demonstrations in the streets, and no cries for abolishing the Electoral College from the losing side. But turn the results around in 2016, and we had an uprising of very stupid, ignorant liberals screaming foul, demonstrating and damaging property because their candidate lost. I do however agree with one statement made during this last election, there indeed was no qualified candidate running for the office of President of the United States during the general election.

I was under the belief in 2008 that, even though I didn't vote for him, we should at least give Obama a chance to see what kind of president he would turn out to be. The author of the "Valley Voices" article on the other hand has confirmed to us she is morally and physically upset with Trump's upset victory over Clinton. Yes' he's rude, crude, un-politically correct at times, (which isn't all that bad) and says some things he shouldn't before he thinks, but enough of America heard his message and bought in for a change in government, and I don't think they are all ignorant ,uneducated and deplorable voters!!!

Fact No. 3, Hillary has a lot of baggage that is way too long to list in this letter, to justify any reason for her to serve as President. So, why don't all you sobbing losers try to come together with some common-sense thinking and pull together and try to make our America great again, instead of trying to tear he apart. Lets give Trump a chance, before we throw him, and our Country, under the bus.

Jack Bednar

Apple Valley

Republican victory

Congratulations to the Republican Party and the victory President Donald Trump won on November 6.

In reality, if you supported the five-time draft dodger and now leader of the Republican Party and his group of immoral, non-Christian advocates of Putin, the murderer and dictator of Russia (as Senator John McCain of Arizona calls Putin), then you are also supporting an Atheist with absolutely no Christian conscious or Christian values.

It is remarkable to me, a U.S. Marine combat veteran, that the Republican Party can stand behind someone who never served America, turned his back on America, and has decided that his best friend is now a dictator and murderer, the leader of a monstrous Russian regime with no soul.

The Republicans, who have thrown us veterans and America under the bus, and vetoed bill after bill to help veterans have no shame. They vetoed: HR-466; HR-1168; HR-1171; HR-1172; HR-1293; HR-1803; HR-2352; HR-466; HR-1168; HR-1171; HR-1172; HR-1293. Please look up each and every one and see the specifics. The Republicans send us veterans to a fake war, just last week reject 24 new V.A. hospitals for veterans care, yet have billions to continue wars with no answers and now become friends with a brutal and murderous enemy (Senator McCain and many, many other Great Americans believe that).

Lastly, Republicans love to start wars, but don't like to serve in them, they send others to die and get wounded and messed up for life. The research, the V.A. studies, and veterans research all makes that very clear.

My last question/statement is this. Why do Republicans or anyone, have to turn their backs on their nation to join forces with a like-minded corrupt individual, Putin of Russia?

Semper Fi America

Combat Marines for America

Dan Daniels

Oak Hills