Grubby hands

It is true that there are now only four states with Democratic governors and legislatures? It may also be true that of these, California — the most populous state — runs perilously off-piste while a majority Americans live in states where there are Republican trifectas and veto-proof majorities. Essentially, two-thirds of the nation’s governors are Republicans, and more than two-thirds of our state legislative houses are under Republican control. Republicans control both houses of Congress and regained the Presidency.

And for Democrats, well all they may control now is the dean of students’ office in Missoula U, where they’ve shuttered themselves into safe spaces.

Turnabout may seem like fair play here, but there were far too many giddy Democrats writing the GOP’s postmortem in 2012 and readying them for the cuckoo’s nest.

Their fate tempted, the liberals got slammed and hard by the same anger that lashed out at Bush II. The liberal experiment failed and they squandered their opportunity. They campaigned on change, jobs, and inequality, managing only for a time to chip away at the perceptible majority that was conservatism over liberalism.

Liberals have had a tough time of it. Being called a "liberal" was hardly meant to be flattering, and growing tired of the slur they began referring to themselves as "progressives." But as irony would have it, being progressive doesn’t exactly mean you’d have to be liberal.

So why don’t we just cut the bull and call them (the liberals) what they really are. What I mean is, for a “liberal” to be true, by sheer weight and gravity, means caving and taking the eventual plunge into socialism. Socialists are that part of the Democratic Party that have lately abrogated the heavy lifting. They were the populist curs that were adopted by the Party in the 1920s — afraid to get their hands dirty, or compromise and pass legislation. As a minority, liberals were seen as the "tail that wagged the dog," losing the confidence of their electorate and consigning themselves to the same limbo that Republicans were put into in 2008.

Bryan A. Cook


Russia was an ally?

How in the world can anyone defend Russia? In World War II, Germany was trying to take over Europe and Russia. They could only be considered allies in the sense that they were being attacked by Germany, hence they were fighting our enemy also. When Germany started losing the war, Russia started taking over all of the territory that they could, claiming it as their own. They did not liberate countries like our true allies did. We actually had to compromise over the liberation of the German people. Has anyone heard of the Berlin wall? When Germany was losing the war, we were in a race, along with our allies, to liberate countries while Russia was conquering them. And it didn't stop there. After the war they continued their quest for world domination. Now the leader of Russia, Mr. Putin, is an enemy of free speech, an enemy of free elections, and an enemy of democracy. (Russia is considered a democracy in name only). Hopefully, the president-elect's selection for Secretary of State will be rejected by our congress.

James Windhausen


Holy days

Please explain to me, a secular Humanist, how greeting anyone with "Happy Holidays” is political correctness when the origin of the word is "holy days" and acknowledges all religions . Though I am not a deist, I support the spirit of the season, which for me is wishing peace on earth and goodwill towards all who desire the same.

Love one another! Happy Holidays everyone!

Nancy Oswald

Silver Lakes

Pickleball is all the rage 

Pickleball adds joy to the spirit of friendship and competition among the elementary grades students of Kingston and Carmel elementary schools in Hesperia, this holiday season. On Dec. 14, 40 students drawn from pools of players from both schools participated in a round-robin indoor tournament at the Power Play Center in Hesperia. Parents, game enthusiasts, dedicated school staffs and volunteers made it a very memorable, fun-filled, successful event.

We hope that other schools in the area discover the healthy environment Pickleball promotes. Please give it a try, your students will be hooked in this fastest growing sport in America today.

Grand Slam tennis champion Andy Roddick recently discovered it and is now promoting it in his Andy Roddick Foundation charity games.

Congrats to Kingston and Carmel!

Romy Obrique


"Russia was an ally”

I’d like to respond to a distortion of history in a Daily Press letter titled “Russia was an ally” in letters on Dec. 14.

The writer states: “the Russians were valued allies” and “helped us defeat Germany and end the war." That is pure nonsense. While we helped the Russians, they did not help us in any way. In fact, it was Russian political bullying that delayed the end of the war, particularly in Poland where tens of thousands of lives were needlessly lost so that FDR could cozy up to Stalin and ultimately put the Polish people behind the iron curtain for 30 years. On the other hand, the United States helped Russia in countless ways. If had not been the United States supplying the Russian army with necessary materiel while keeping half the German army occupied in the west, Germany would have most likely defeated the USSR and nipped Soviet Communism in the bud. As a side note, had this occurred, it would have probably prevented the loss of 20 million lives that were taken during the Russian purges.

Carl Sagan once suggested that we need to be careful when looking at history because once we allow ourselves to be bamboozled we tend to reject any evidence of the original bamboozle.

Lawrence Wilson


A welcome wake-up call

Thank you President-elect Donald Trump, though I voted against you. You have given a wake-up call not just to the status quo, but to the American people, good acts, both.

Surely the 2020 Presidential elections will see the largest voter turnout in our nation’s history.

And we will be a better nation for the process.

Bob Nelson


Why stop at flag burning?

So, if it should be a crime to burn the American flag, what should be the penalty for flying the Confederate flag? Or, what is the cost of denigrating a prisoner of war, like John McCain, because he got captured —  or for not showing proper respect to parents of a soldier slain in the Iraq War? What is more important, the cloth or the person who fought for the cloth? If flag burning is illegal, shouldn't the things Donald Trump said be illegal too?

Stan Brown