Illegals and lawmakers

The article that California Democratic lawmakers (breakers) want to protect illegals is disgusting. What part of illegal do they not understand? They give them free everything while legal people pay for it.

You people are the epitome of disgusting, and frankly that is why Donald Trump got voted in. Take your illegal minds and find another country to abuse!

Monica Kelley

Apple Valley

The Crankies 

Oy Vey! Vey iz mir! It is with deep sorrow that we learn that the kind and gracious Mayor has allowed you to stay in Barstow. I have heard that she is a lovely lady. Sorry also to hear that you did not qualify for our group. However, you do not have to like NASCAR or belong to the NRA. It is a bonus if you watch Fox News.

I was saddened to read that you suffer from the high Inferiority Quotient complex you mentioned in your letter. I have been impressed with your letters and have forwarded them to the Nothing But Communist Network and the Clinton News Network. Soon you may be able to whine with Rachel Maddow, Van Jones, Chis Matthews, and yes, Martha Raddatz.

Now that we have a Republican president, Senate, House, and most of the Governorships, I have a question for you. As a vegetarian can you eat crow? As a favor to us please ask the Mayor if she would like a deal on a few gross of crying towels. We have no use for them and Barstow will. Mazel tov.

John Pedigo

Executive Vice President, The Cranky Old White Guys Of Apple Valley

Apple Valley

Mental torture

I concur with the writer about the "Assumptions" (aka ignorant) author. Aside from his recent contribution to this page on his pleasant childhood memories with the recently deceased Stater Bros executive, his leftist, condescending pontifications give me a headache as well.

Please sir, for the sake of the letters readers, focus on promoting your annual Cinco de Mayo celebration and leave the letter writing to those with more than an elementary understanding of sentence structure, punctuation and the English language in general or perhaps just submit them to the Tijuana Times instead.

Michael Sparlin


Obama and ISIS

Recently I’ve seen several letters from conservatives referring to those that don’t believe as they do as “snowflakes.” This phrase was coined by Donald Trump’s spokesbimbo Kellyanne Conway on Fox News. Its use by these people shows where they are getting the outlandish lies and conspiracy theories they repeat.

For example, the United States is fighting ISIS in Syria and elsewhere, not protecting it. The false claims made by retired General Michael Flynn were picked up and spread as fact by far right propaganda outlets like Fox, Breitbart, World Net Daily and Info Wars. Omitted from these stories is any mention of the fact that Flynn is currently working as a paid lobbyist for a firm with connections to the Turkish government and has praised Vladimir Putin.

Furthermore, Flynn, tagged by Trump for his National Security Advisor, was fired from the Defense Intelligence Agency because of his unstable temperament and tendency to believe and promote discredited conspiracy theories from the radicalized right, including the preposterous claim that Hillary Clinton is involved in a child sex trafficking ring run from secret underground tunnels beneath a Washington, D.C. pizza parlor made famous when a man with an assault rifle fired shots within the restaurant and said he was there to “self-investigate” these idiotic allegations. Flynn’s son. Michael G., is an even bigger conspiracy nut who helped propagate the “Pizzagate” lie and many others.

And what “misdeeds” of President Obama were blamed on George W. Bush? Obama inherited two wars that were not paid for and one of the worst economies in our nation’s history. Trump will inherit the lowest unemployment rate in nine years, six straight years of job growth, a world without Osama bin Laden, a revived American auto industry, a booming stock market and a healthy and growing economy. Based on his actions so far, I shudder to think of the disaster Trump will leave for his successor, if there’s anything left to leave.

Richard Boyd


Going after Social Security

First they came for our Medicare. Now they’re coming for our Social Security. Yes, Rep. Sam Johnson, R-Texas, chair of the House Ways and Means Subcommittee, introduced The Social Security Reform Act of 2016. The details give one brain freeze, numbers and charts only an actuary could love.

The bill is affectionately known as the “Cat Food Bill” because that’s what we seniors will be eating when these folks get their way. The destruction of Social Security has been a dream of the GOP since it became law in 1935.

The short version of this “reform” goes like this: retirement age gets raised from 67 to 69; initial payments would be significantly less than they are now; COLAs would be reduced or eliminated. Most workers will see cuts — some of them drastic, if this becomes law. According to the experts, the two-year raise in eligibility age amounts to a cut of seven percent per year.

A 65-year-old earner, for example, with an average income of $49,000 after 44 years would see a reduction of 11 percent of her benefits. These cuts could go to 14 to 16 percent depending on when one retired.

Where does the money saved from this “reform” go? You guessed it: to fund tax cuts for the wealthy.

I don’t know how much more of this “reform” I can take — first Medicare, now Social Security. I didn’t vote for any of this, but at this rate we seniors will be queued up at the soup kitchen. Can anyone recommend a cat food recipe book? I wonder if it really tastes like chicken.

Virgil Jose

Apple Valley

Proud to pray for our leader

Wow, wow! A recent letter writer might also be ticking God off (a word he used) for saying God told him Christians are being punished for who they voted for. I'm a Christian too and I know God is not beside himself in a rage, as this man said. God believes in everyone working together and loving one another.

I'm sure God must have also told him if God was judging candidates for their honesty he would have told him not to vote for either one. Do you realize California gave its electoral votes to Hillary Clinton, who has also done unlawful things? We're experiencing drought and fires so does that mean you better also be afraid, very afraid (again words you used)?

I as a Christian will continue to pray for our new leader to make good decisions and make us a proud country. I am a proud Christian and a proud American.

Judy Black

Oak Hills