New anti gun play book

There is a new anti gun playbook: "Preventing Gun Violence Through Effective Messaging." It was produced by K Street — that is the area in DC that has those who package political ideas and politicians. The book is how to market gun control so that it does not sound like gun control.

We will no longer hear gun control. That term no longer gets the desired response. But the program is the same: disarm the good guys and don't be concerned about the bad guys.

Ray Davison

Apple Valley

Sons of Liberty

Inspired by the "Cranky Old White Guys" movement and the recent addition of an opposition group in the opinion page, I have decided to found the much younger blast from the past — the Sons of Liberty group.

We're proud of where we came from. We're proud of the examples set before us. We're proud of the old and the wise who teach us and inspire us and we're especially proud of those who have earned the honor of wearing that cap displaying the description of their service in the armed forces dating back to before our own parents were born (my father served at the end of the Korean War, there's a generation gap there in my circumstance).

We believe in working hard and producing and being honest citizens. We believe in helping others. We believe in following the law. We believe in the democratic process and our First Amendment rights and that right doesn't allow someone to burn a flag or anything in a public square and violate numerous city, county, and state laws and codes referring to peace and safety. We don't believe in blocking freeways and using coloring books beyond the age of 4.

We'd prefer gun safety and gun respect being taught at the age of 4 and a proper command of the English language and the ability to critically think and write be achieved by at least junior high. By age 18, we expect you register for the military draft and that you do something productive with your life. By age 30, you will be convinced that the individual and God, not government, determines the outcomes in your life and you will not blindly follow an image on the television screen when it comes time to vote. If your party has chosen poorly and has left you out in the cold and they've given you Jeb Bush, return the favor and leave THEM out in the cold. Let them figure it out while you stock your pantry and press your ammo. They'll come around at some point.

Jamie Post

Apple Valley

A poem for 2 councilmen

Honorable Councilmen Leonard and Schmidt

Over these last many years you’ve been…

Residing, directing

Consenting, reporting

Relating, assisting

Announcing, supporting

Reviewing, approving

Amending, revising

Suggesting, adopting

Projecting, deciding

Advocating, educating

Representing, estimating

Integrating, calculating

Motivating, demonstrating

Nominating, moderating

Regulating, legislating

Renovating, mitigating

Validating, tabulating

Formulating, executing

Ratifying, activating

Celebrating, arbitrating

Circulating, navigating

Evaluating, negotiating

Accommodating, associating

Elaborating, administrating

Participating, investigating

Appropriating, reallocating

Affiliating, approximating

Adjudicating, and all this while

Water rights accumulating.

You’ve plowed through the paperwork

Budgets, ordinances and staff reports

Consent calendars, resolutions

Documents of all sorts

Through open sessions, closed sessions

Year after year

Your own schedule, secondary

So you could be here

In meetings with bigwigs

The public and more

You’ve paved many streets

And brought in the stores

Ranchero’s really moving

You’ve seen that street’s day

Not only past the tracks

But over the freeway

Thanks for your consistency

And for standing in the gap

Thanks for protecting us

And for taking lots of rap

You’ve gotten praise and accolades

And ear-fulls of flack

Gotten critiques and handshakes,

And pats on the back

We can’t fully appreciate

All that you’ve done

But on behalf of all Hesperians

We’re thanking you a ton!

The Hearn Family

Merry Christmas!


The spirit of Christmas

My friend submitted a letter recently, encouraging the “spirit” of the Christmas holiday rather than acknowledging the primary reason we celebrate, saying that Christians are being “exclusive” when greeting people with “Merry Christmas” instead of something more politically correct like “happy holidays.”

Now, I realize that some other observances also occur during the winter solstice, and I fully appreciate our wonderful country’s freedom of religion. I guess I just didn’t imagine that a warm Christmas greeting would be offensive to anyone. Maybe I should ask the person I am greeting if they would be offended if I wished them a Merry Christmas before doing so. Unfortunately, that might be construed as politically incorrect, as well.

As my friend said in her letter, “no one or entity owns the holiday season.” This is true, but only one Person owns Christmas; He is the Spirit of Christmas, the one Christians are named for and worship, and He was indeed politically incorrect when He walked among us over 2,000 years ago, and His influence is still felt throughout the world. I’m with Him, and I pray that you will also personally encounter Him in this life. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

Judy Morris


We who served don't take our rank lightly

We who have served in the military know our ranks and rates. The person that has placed LTC behind their name wasn’t a Lt. Colonel in the Army or Marines. I believe he served honorably in the military and had a rank, but it wasn’t as a Lt. Colonel. He has a title of LTC based on some military association or work with youth who get military training in school, or outside of school.

Check it out. We who served honorably, from PFC to Admiral or General, hold our rank sacred. This reminds me of the guy in Texas who fabricated a career of wearing uniforms, medals and rank beyond what he had done.

Capt. Tom Pinard, USN (Ret.)


Fake news

A letter writer quotes a another who says that the Obama Justice Department ruled that police departments can't discriminate against non-illegals when hiring. He asks, "Where did this come from?"

Fake news.

I Googled it and was shocked at how many small right wing news outlets there were, all reporting this. Recently a man drove six hours from North Carolina to Washington, D.C. with a gun because he read that Hillary Clinton and a pizzaria were running a child sex ring.  

Come on, guys. This is serious, people.

Stan Brown