Democrats and the liberal mainstream media continue to whine about the election of Donald Trump, as well as predict all the ways he will ruin America.

You would think President-elect Trump already had occupied the oval office for a couple of years the way the bashing has ramped up since Nov. 8.

Clearly, the left is not going to like anything a President Trump is going to do, at least not until it becomes clear that America is actually becoming a better place with him in the White House or Trump Tower.

Already, however, we'd say the President-elect is off to a pretty impressive start.

When is the last time you can remember a President-elect had already kept a campaign promise before taking office?

Yet, that's what President-elect Trump did last week when he convinced Carrier not to shut down its factory in Indiana, lay off more than 1,000 workers making an average of $30.91 an hour and move the plant to Mexico. 

Some protest that Carrier only relented because its parent company is a defense contractor and didn't want to take a chance on losing rich contracts if it ticked off the President-elect. Others point to corporate tax breaks Trump intends to give in order to bring U.S. companies back from overseas. Still others say Indiana kicked in another $7 incentives over 10 years.

Well, Carrier's parent company has been a defense contractor for years yet that hadn't caused it to nix the Carrier move previously, had it?

And Trump does intend to implement corporate tax breaks, as many have advocated for years. But we doubt that alone caused Carrier to change its mind.

As for Indiana's incentives, when spread over a decade they amount to $700,000 per year, and $1 million of them are subject to Carrier investing $16 million in one of its Indianapolis plants. That sounds like a wise investment to us, especially when Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett noted that hundreds of other Indianapolis workers already have seen their jobs leave the country or are about to do so.

The migration of good-paying American jobs overseas has got to stop before the United States loses its middle class entirely. President-elect Trump realizes that and wants to see to it that it does.

With Carrier, he's already shown us he means business. One campaign promise down, and he hasn't even taken office yet.

If his first 100 days in office go as well as his first month since being elected, even Democrats and the liberal mainstream media may be forced to admit that President Trump was the right person for this difficult job.