The Crankies

Sorry, Apple Valley Crankies, I'm not moving over to Apple Valley after all. Barstow has begged me to stay because I am an endangered species, the last one of its kind in Barstow. I am a whining old Jewish gentleman.

It's genetic you see. My family's name was Whineberg. The spelling was changed at Ellis Island. Therefore, I am the last of the Whiners in Barstow. So, I am really unique. Besides, I looked at the qualifications to be a Cranky Old White Guy in Apple Valley. I don't qualify. My IQ is too high. I loathe NASCAR. I have a social conscience. I don't belong to the NRA. I don't watch fake news aka Fox News. And, I am a vegetarian. I just don't fit in with you Crankies.

So, enjoy your crankiness without me. I'll whine away the hours in my lovely desert paradise of Barstow. Have a good time defending The Reprehensible One. He will make all your nightmares come true. And, please remember: I will give The Reprehensible One all the respect you gave President Obama — none.

Edward Weinberg (formerly Whineberg)


Welcome to the real world

To the liberal Democrats, the silly season is over. Come to grips with the fact you lost. You pressured Donald Trump to say he would accept the election results but this does not apply to you? Why not?

When Trump brought up the possibility of voter fraud you scoffed and said no way. Now you are saying that there is voter fraud? The only voter fraud will be found in all the Democratic controlled cities and states (California, Illinois, etc.). I would really look into Illinois as the adage, vote early and vote often applies to this state the most. Then we have California, they would have no problem with illegal aliens voting there as long as they voted Democrat.

We did not demonstrate and riot when President Obama won both elections. Why do you have special privilege? It is certainly not due to any emotional, intellectual or moral superiority. You have proven to have the emotional level of a spoiled five-year-old. You have been lied to all these years as to what you deserve. That destroys your claim to intellectual superiority.

You deserve nothing, this irrational sense of entitlement just means you will be grossly disappointed when you finally are forced out into the real world that the rest of us inhabit. Then you will hopefully start to see the absurdity of what you have been taught.

James Jacobs

Apple Valley

Liberals vs. conservatives

Now that the smoke has somewhat cleared after the 2016 election, it’s time for some reflection on what happened. Whether or not you like President-elect Trump is irrelevant. He’s our president for good or bad, just like Obama was our president, for good or bad. Liberals, no doubt, will continue to wring their hands, gnash their teeth, and wonder why. For conservatives, we wonder too, thinking that perhaps Trump is a Democrat “Trojan Horse” waiting in the shadows to show his true self. So far, there is hope, especially in his selection of cabinet members.

Why did the voters fail to “coronate” the most “experienced and best qualified” person to run for president in history, and a woman to boot? The answer is obvious, so obvious in fact that the Democrats and their lickspittle lapdog media didn’t even see it coming. When the liberal elitists lecture us about guns and religion, denigrate our culture, then call us “deplorable” and “irredeemable,” don’t expect to get our vote, and don’t expect to win elections.

While we think liberals are wrong, liberals think we’re evil, calling us “sexist,” “homophobic,” and every other –ism or -phobia imaginable. Unfortunately, the once great Democratic Party has devolved into nothing more than a bunch of whining pajama boys that no one with any common sense listens to anymore. You can’t insult millions of voters and not expect to pay a political price.

Moreover, politics don’t give meaning to our lives. To suggest, as liberals do, that you can personally save mankind by driving a Chevy Volt is the height of arrogance. It must be a terrible blow to one’s worldview when millions of knuckle-dragging Neanderthals voted for a man who is a global warming skeptic.

Politics is a dirty business as we have seen this election cycle. What liberals won’t accept is the election of Donald Trump and what he represents, the repudiation of identity politics and Obama’s totalitarian government that is more concerned about transgender bathroom policies than the decline of the middle class. As a former progressive and radical David Horowitz writes, “Inside a progressive (liberal) is a totalitarian screaming to get out.”

Tom Jahnke

Apple Valley

A tale of two parties

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was an age of wisdom, it was an age of foolishness, we had everything before us, and we had nothing before us. It was the spring of hope and the winter of despair,” as one party has governed an entire state.

For neither the rich nor the poor, California’s Democrats became a two-headed coin that they’d flip at will in serving the interests of two masters — one either being the simple needs of an ordinary constituency, or the contrary alter-ego that discriminates in the massaging of commercial enterprise. One party has governed California for too long…

Democrats have boasted that California’s economic prowess rivals that of the nation of France. Well, to some extent they’d be correct, but Democrats have divided the state by half in pointing to the northern sector and a technological wonder that is the Silicon Valley. However, there is little resemblance to that in the manufacturing, and energy sectors of California’s central and southern halves.

Feeling squeezed by the avarice from their progressive cousins and the propensity for suspecting private enterprise, Democrats decided long ago to change the way the state does business and managed to chase away the very sustenance that maintained a proper middle-class.

Even during the great recession Democrats added government jobs to red ink, outpacing private sector growth and debatably threatening the sustainability of a healthy economy. California’s union membership, still a statistical minority, accounted for 34 percent more in state expenditures, making them privileged elites.

There is however a tormentor for California’s progressives brewing on the horizon. The Latino community tends to be hardworking and conscientious of commercial enterprise and they are leading the way in new small business start-ups. Should the GOP leadership in Congress affect comprehensive immigration reform as they have intimated, more than half of what was once a thought to be a monolithic vote will swing.

By then it will be a far, far better thing that a new coalition of California’s diverse working-class will do justice to its leadership, just as Middle America did in the Democratic rust belt of 2016.

Bryan A. Cook