Oak Hills High School dust, traffic

As a resident of Oak Hills who has tolerated the above listed problems for years I would hope the Dec. 1 meeting at OHHS will awaken the concerns of Superintendent of HUSD David McLaughlin, 1st District Supervisor Robert Lovingood and others.

They need to finally address and fix these problems for the sake of students' and local residents' health and safety.

Tom Thogmartin

Oak Hills

Capitalism and freedom

In 1965 "The Objectivist Newsletter" published an essay, written by Ayn Rand, titled "The Cashing In: The Student Rebellion." She was mostly referring to the student uprisings in the 1960s at UC Berkeley. Here is some of what she had to say:

"The more an official is committed to the policy of compromise, the less able he is to resist anything: to give in is his 'instinctive' response to any emergency, his basic principle of conduct, which makes him an easy mark."..."For its motley leftist leadership, the student rebellion is a trial balloon, a kind of cultural temperature-taking. It is a test of how much they can get away with and what sort of opposition they will encounter."..."The country at large is a mirror of its universities. The practical result of modern philosophy is today's mixed economy (part capitalism/free enterprise and part government control) with its moral nihilism, its range of-the-moment pragmatism, its anti-ideological ideology, and it's truly shameful recourse to the notion of 'Government by Consensus'."

Ayn Rand was right then, and, six decades later,she is right today. Many people, those with rational thought, may see a direct parallel today with what was going on 60 years ago. But if you think about it, it is not parallel, it is linear. It is simply a continuation of what the progressive left has been doing all along.

Ayn Rand put together a collection of essays on capitalism. The essays were written by Ayn Rand, Nathaniel Branden, Alan Greenspan, and Robert Hessen. Titled "Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal," the various copyrights range from 1946 to 1967. I urge you to go to your public library or get a copy of this book. It brings out the true definition of capitalism (it is, very simply, freedom itself) and discover the basic principles upon which it stands. Without basic principles, there can be no political ideology. The progressive left is anti-ideology. They have no underlying principles upon which an ideology can stand, only the various causes of the day which they choose to pursue. If they were honest, they would admit that the only possible outcome of their anti-ideology is the tyranny of dictatorship, of statism, of collectivism. They know they can't be honest, because the American people would never consciously stand for that; they would immediately stop drinking the kool-aid and come out of their stupor.

Gabriel Portillo


Stay-at-home parents

The op-ed piece in a recent edition advising mothers to stay home I find a bit sexist. If both parents have acquired a good education, with all the sacrifices involved, financial, time spent, etc., and then pursue successful and satisfying careers of their choosing, why should the woman be designated to shelve her career to stay home with the children and not the man?

In this day and age, both parents are equally capable to care for the children. Men can cook, clean, bake cookies, run all the appliances, bus the children to school and various activities, in addition to teaching them right from wrong and be as caring and loving as any woman. I know some.

The writer overlooked the fact that two incomes in most households are necessary to support and raise a family in the year 2016, and has been the norm for several decades.

Parenting is the most important job in the world, but it should not fall only on the woman and if either parent chooses and can afford to be at home full time, a luxury few seem to be able to enjoy, more power to them.

Nancy Oswald

Silver Lakes

Thank God

Still Thanksgiving weekend as I type and so if there’s a conventional God listening to everyone simultaneously, I’d like to thank Her for so many gifts: that we were born in USA, into an era between nuclear wars and before global overheating with massive overpop in crowding and disease; ….

...the good works of my better half (’specially her cooking); the health and competence of our two sons; popcorn on Friday and Sunday; three exotic imported brews Tuesday evening; occasional ice cream; after the mysterious disappearance of my old ’87 Blazer, that we still have two ‘hicles in working condition; that somehow we manage admirably with SocSec after retiring into a fine house amidst the most beautiful desert scenery; house helper Chris keeping the place immaculate; friends who help us old folk with house maintenance….

…To Steve H., retired Steve W., Todd, and distant Kathleen (golly how we miss ya, K) at award-winning local Daily Press, keeping us abreast of upcoming events as well as all the planet’s miseries...

….a remarkable BH who advises me most wisely (as she’s much smarter than I), on everyday life and the upkeep of our beautiful pool w/cabana and a sauna where my sons and I sit in the hot tub guessing at beers that she selects, then records our scoring of each brew, 1-10 in steps of 0.1, nonlinear; 3= satisfactory; 5= excellent; 10 = almost impossibly delicious. (Anyone wishing to see our collective scorings, I am dalehileman@me.com — and apparently don’t care who else knows it.)

Again God, thanks 10+…

Dale Hileman

Apple Valley

The pledge of corruption

For those who want California to secede from the United States, here is the preamble to the constitution for the new state of California.

We, the criminal, illegal and entitlement people of the new state of California, in order to promote a more perfect Union where we can continue to shoot cops, blow up buildings, kill innocent people, desecrate the American flag, speak any language but English, lie, steal, cheat and live off the hard work of others, do pledge our allegiance to the new state of California in order to protect our corrupt, entitled and irresponsible lifestyle.

Joan Greene


President of all

On Nov. 22, the news media followed President-elect Donald Trump to his meeting with the New York Times’ staff and reporters. As he walked into the room, the very first two people he greeted with warm handshakes and pats on the shoulder was one man in the long-sleeved white shirt, the other in a blue long-sleeved shirt — both security guards — one unarmed and the other armed. But he just waved to most everyone else.

In that one simple moment, he showed the world that he wants to be the president of all Americans, yet the media missed it.

Dennis Morris