There's nothing like a presidential election to prompt readers to write letters to the editor. At least that's what we found in the run-up to the Nov. 8 election. Emotions were running high on left and right and it resulted in an abundance of letters.

It didn't hurt that there were several interesting local races and ballot measures, either.

Since the election ended, however, the number of submissions has dwindled. We know there are still many things to talk about, but not as many people are writing.

We'd like to encourage you to give us your thoughts on Donald Trump's impending presidency, as well as on the possible vote recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. Do you think Trump was correct in alleging voter fraud in California?

How do you feel about the move afoot in California to have our state secede from the Union?

And let us know what you think about growth in the High Desert. Should we be trying to attract thousands of new residents or are you happy with the current state of the region?

We appreciate all submissions, as long as they don't libel anyone. We prefer letters be kept as short as possible, too, though submissions up to 250 words are welcome. Email letters to