So snowflakes! Your candidate didn't win. Wow! I think you should go to any downtown area and protest or riot. Attack a cop, smash a store window, or commit arson. Perhaps your actions can stop some blue-collar slob from earning a living and putting food on the table for his family. Or maybe you can stop an ambulance from getting to an emergency or taking a patient to the hospital. Oh wait, that already happened but that's another letter.

Hey, why don't you show everyone how brave you are and wear a mask! That will show them! Just think, you can do all that and your parents won't even know, that way you can continue to live rent free in the basement with the trophies you got for participation, you can continue to complain and chant even though you didn't even vote!

Well, suck it up buttercup! In your lifetime, about half of the elections won't go your way, often in business you will lose but if you stick with it, you will get some wins. Those will be the sweetest. In the real world, losers don't get trophies, they get nothing but experience. Call Donald Trump every nasty name you can think of but the only one he will hear is "Mr. President." Oh that's right, your favorite chant is "not my President." Boy, you really are losers!

Tim Seep


Chickens and the election

Taking 35 column inches (an entire upper half op-ed page) a university professor opined three issues that influenced the election, sharing with us what was mostly the politically correct excuses we are constantly indoctrinated by the media and political pundits to believe as the cause for Hillary Clinton not winning the presidential election. It was, in my view, a veiled attempt to be nonpartisan...but fails on the basis of the tone and content of the writer's views as presented.

My basic problem is that in item 1, he uses the statistics from political pollsters (who got it wrong) to prove his point that "a large group of voters didn't identify with either party"! Dah...The majority of Republican voters showed that they supported the Republican candidate. In the industrial states, the voters identified quite effeminately with the Republican candidate. The Democrat voters (at least +/-6 million less than 2008) stayed home, showing that they did not support the Democrat candidate, and some probably voted Republican.

His item 2, "a number of important issues were not in Clinton's favor." No kidding! Followed by a diatribe of the (again) politically correct excuses to try to "soften" extremely bad behavior and poor character, as well as possible criminal actions by Clinton (that took 20 column inches of nonsense, as there was so much to try to excuse).

And his item 3, "both candidates had negative images." Again, no kidding. In my view, one candidate's image was a result of her own actions and poor character, the other candidate's image was, for the most part, manufactured by the media, and Washington Elite of both parties.

My item 4. Clinton has been involved in everything that has happened for many years. Trump has had nothing to do with the sad situation we find our beloved country both at home and abroad.

For the presidential election loser, the result indicates that "The chickens came home to roost".....finally !

Lee Bell

Apple Valley

Mojave Preserve is a total failure

With the election of a new president and common sense coming back to America, it's time to get the Mojave Preserve back in good shape. It was created for everyone’s enjoyment — desert lovers, hikers, campers, wildlife lovers, hunters. Because of the far left extremist environmentalists now running the Preserve there was a huge die-off of Bighorn Sheep in the Old Dad Mountains. The carefully laid out big and small game guzzlers were allowed by the Preserve to fall into disrepair. The animals can no longer migrate and they were put there because of the roads and freeways, which have ended old migration routes. The springs throughout the Preserve are mostly plugged with vegetation, sludge and dead animals. They hate hunters and are literally allowing large animal die-off's to end hunting.

The Southern Paiute Indians who once lived in the Mojave kept these springs cleaned out for their use and the wildlife. The Preserve's science is pure junk. It's time to privatize the Preserve and instead of costing the American people huge dollars, it could make a profit. The Mojave antelope which was once in the preserve and is gone needs to be put back. They're still in the Mojave Desert in Arizona. The park personnel are totally opposed to that. If the Park was properly managed it would bring massive tourism and become a world park someday, bringing many jobs to the High Desert economy.

Bill Tuck Jr.



I must agree with the protesters. Donald Thump should have at least the background that Barack Obama had when he was elected the president.

Warren Gill


Pope Francis and abortion

Pope Francis’ announcement that priests of the Roman Catholic Church can now grant forgiveness for the “grave sin” of abortion (Daily Press, November 22, 2016) is almost as wonderful as President-elect Trump’s assurance that people will still be able to buy health insurance for their pre-existing medical conditions.

I love the idea that I can go out and sin and then race to church to be forgiven, and that has got to rank right up there with not having to buy health insurance until after I get sick.

It’s like not having to worry about buying auto insurance until after I’ve wrecked the car.

Lawrence Wilson

Apple Valley

From Obama to Trump

During the Clinton-caused economic meltdown and presidential election of 2008, the Democrat Party, and the insidious media, Hollywood and Academia cartel, seized on the politically correct opportunity to elect Senator Barack Obama as the first black president of the United States.

Of course, the cartel knew that President Obama would lead into the two-term tyrannies of overwhelming government together with the first-term Democrat Congress establishing forced national health care, the wars on coal energy and the finance industry, and unconstitutional wars against small business and hardworking Americans.

Worse, the second term was replete with a war against the police, surrendering the war against terrorism in the Middle East causing the rise of ISIS, terrorist attacks here and around the world, and his deadly deal with nuclear Iran.

Fortunately, the arrogant and un-American cartel failed to elect evil Hillary Clinton as the first woman president.

Indeed, real American states and voters rejected the cartel and the deeply corrupted Clintons, elected the Donald Trump-Mike Pence team, and retained the Republican Congress to bring back America from the edge of social, political and economic ruin. Clearly, there is hope to rebuild and to restore our national and domestic security.

And, to increase our efforts to make America great again — the way we once were, before the Democrats turned to the ruinous socialist devil.  

Daniel B. Jeffs

Apple Valley