The crankies of Apple Valley

C'mon youse guys, Ye Cranky Olde White Men of Apple Valley, you have had your fame. It's time to pass the torch to the next generation of crankies of whom I am a member. I had no idea you would find new life in defending (Donald Trump) from all his detractors.

Can't you please step out of the limelight and allow me to be as notorious as you are? How am I going to be notorious if you hog all the editorial page space? I want to be able to walk into any store in Apple Valley and hear the customers mumble under their breath, "There he goes. What an ass. He shows no respect for our Lord and Savior Trump." Yes, indeed, I will show him the same respect you showed President Obama — none.

I will groan for four years that he stole the election fair and square due to that obsolete institution, the Electoral College. I will be a crybaby and exclaim, "He's not my president." I will moan and groan and make an editorial page nuisance of myself — just like youse guys. Please, please retire. You need to get a life beyond cranking out total drivel on a daily basis. It's my turn.

Edward "Cranky" Weinberg


One more sentence

Make America Civil Again.

Barbara Clements

Apple Valley

2016 elections

A question to a recent writer. You stated in your latest diatribe in the Daily Press on 17 November that on Nov. 8, 2016, " of the American people went stupid and the other half fell asleep!" How do you classify yourself, stupid or did you fall asleep?

After all, as you say, "If the shoe fits, wear it!" Just wondering. As for me, I am neither stupid nor was I asleep when I voted.

Don Amador


Stupid and deplorable

Now, not only are the people who didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton deplorable, they are also (according to a recent letter writer) stupid. I guess I fall in that category because I was a Donald Trump supporter.

After eight years of having a president I didn’t vote for, didn’t trust, didn’t like the direction he was taking our country, I was elated to have a victory for President-elect Donald Trump. I did not, for the past eight years, call people stupid, riot in the streets, or disrespect this country or its flag.

So, why is it that if someone doesn’t agree with you they are stupid? Apparently you don’t mind having the Mexican flag waved by large groups of illegals that are unhappy they may not get their free education, free healthcare and welfare all at the expense of the taxpayer.

Apparently you don’t mind that America has been losing its place as a world leader under the pandering, soon to be ex-president. Apparently you don’t mind that Obama has put an enormous debt on this country over the past eight years. Apparently you don’t mind that people are pouring into this country through our borders and putting Americans' lives in jeopardy.

I have read many of your letters in this paper and I get the distinct feeling that you feel superior to just about everyone. That’s fine by me, just three words — get over it!

Denise Gregory

Apple Valley

Of halves and wholes

Regarding the recent letter stating that on Nov. 8th, one-half of the American people went stupid, and the other half fell asleep!

Sir, since two halves make a whole, which half do you fall into?

Rahul Mathur

Apple Valley

Witnessing anarchy

Barack Obama was twice elected president because he is a highly intelligent man who was a far better choice for moving our nation forward than his opponents, an old man and a stupid woman and two rich jerks who never hid their contempt for the less fortunate, and people did not protest in the streets because Obama was actually elected by the people, unlike George W. Bush and now Donald Trump. More voters selected Mrs. Clinton than Mr. Trump.

For eight years we have listened to conservatives lob racial slurs at President Obama, falsely claiming he is a Muslim and wasn’t born in the United States, a lie “President” Trump was instrumental in propagating and still believed by stupid people. We have watched the Republicans, many of whom actually took an oath the night President Obama was inaugurated to do so, oppose and block his every effort to move this country forward, even refusing to allow a hearing on President Obama’s latest Supreme Court nominee.

We have seen them push bigoted, hateful propaganda against immigrants, minorities and Muslims and we have seen hate crimes against these groups increase, even more so since Trump was elected. We’ve watched them mindlessly block humanitarian efforts to help refugees displaced by the wars and violence in the Middle East by using fear and hate mongering propaganda portraying them all as potential terrorists. And then these people tell us that it is President Obama that has “divided our nation.”

The latest big lie from the right is that those taking to the streets in protest are being paid to do so. It is difficult to politely convey what an incredible load of steaming manure this claim is. These protesters, many of them young people who will be the ones inheriting the future Donald Trump and his deplorables will create (the violence is coming largely from outside agitators), are marching because they are scared. They have seen a lying, crooked, bigoted, sexist, bullying, egotistical reality TV show host with suspicious connections to Russia, tremendous financial conflicts of interest and clearly no clue whatsoever what he’s doing or the true magnitude of the job he says he wanted, becoming the President of the United States despite the will of the people. And remember, the people smearing and slandering these Americans rightfully fearing for their country are the same people that threatened civil war if Trump did not win.

John Young

Apple Valley

Liberty water

Social Security will have its first increase in three years. It is estimated to be 0.3 percent. That is less than one-third of one percent. Liberty water's increase estimated at about $6 per bill, if you don’t use a lot of water, will wipe out the Social Security increase for many, plus they had another rate increase in 2015.

Plus other items in my budget have increased, so we senior citizens are in the hole, budget wise.

Please CPUC, help us.

Genevieve Heater

Apple Valley