Thank you

I would like to thank the Barstow Fire Department, its paramedics, EMTs and the Barstow Police Department for their help and support in the loss of our father, grandfather, great-grandfather and husband. I would also like to thank all who gave us their support and love.

The donations made to Barstow Rodeo Group/Hi Desert Charities will be put into a scholarship fund in Mal's name to help some young man or woman achieve their goal.

Again, our sincere thanks.

Connie Wessel, Terry Saenz, Shawn Wessel and family members


Electoral College

This is to those who have noted the complaints about the existence of the Electoral College, and possibly wonder why it exists. Those who made the complaints are generally just looking for something to blame for their candidate's loss.

This presidential election is a great example of the system in action. The first red/blue results map I saw was divided by state and had the three West Coast states solid blue.

Then I saw a map divided by county. At first glance I did not see any blue. Then I looked closer and saw the blue spots. Those blue spots are large cities. Large cities have a large number of low information voters, that are attracted to those who offer "free stuff."

In this election, the map by county was almost all red. It is a red country. But if we used the raw vote total, the blue spots would have elected the president.

And, huge San Bernardino county was blue, because of the concentration "down the hill."

Ray Davison

Apple Valley

Imagine its cost

“Democrats gird for health care battle under Trump” Nov. 16 harkens to my Nov. 2 Letter, “Pot, like alcohol, should be legal,” where I maintain that if pot were banned, then logically so should alcohol (though I’d sure miss my evening brew). Now right-wing resistance notwithstanding, I’d vote for UC myself ‘cause I’m sure it would be cheaper and more readily available for everyone. But continued DOSM clearly means that other “Universal” services such as Social Security and Fire Protection also must be privatized.

Imagine their predicament when the old folks’ home catches fire!

Dale Hileman

Apple Valley

Good riddance

Hopefully, this will be the last time the Daily Press reporters give so much space to this failed candidate for County Supervisor (Daily Press, Nov. 15, front page and inside eight-paragraph story on First District challenger to Supervisor Robert Lovingood).

Like the person who lost the presidency, we need to get these folks off the front page, and in fact, out of the spotlight.

An honest campaigner being fair game is one thing, but the presidential loser and this First District loser don’t deserve this kind of press after they lose. What is that old saying, “don’t let the screen door kick you in the butt as you leave.”

Tom Pinard


Open mouth, insert foot

It seems a particular writer ("2016 Elections," Letters, Nov. 11, 2016) is thinking of all the misguided liberal thinkers out there crying in their soup. They seem to be the ones who are demonstrating and causing damage to public facilities. I don't remember anyone demonstrating and rioting against President Obama when he won!

Talk about stupid, on the front page of the L.A Times the other day, a high school student was shown demonstrating and carrying a Mexican flag. Really? Have we become that liberally stupid that we let people from foreign countries wave the flag of the country they left to demand rights and entitlements from the United States of America?

Just asking.

Jack Bednar

Apple Valley

Hypothetical look into the future

It is the year 2,500. Some archaeologists are digging around various parts of the United States. A couple of archaeologists remark to the others in their group, "look, we have found some strange formations of bones that appear human but the skulls are all in the pelvic area."

Another person remarks, "I believe they are part of  an old political party of the far left deceased for over 400 years."     

Bob Craig      

Apple Valley

2016 elections

On Nov. 8 a letter writer says one-half of America went stupid and one-half went to sleep.

Which half were you in? I have a pretty good idea which!

John Pedigo

Apple Valley

First time for everything

For the first time, I agree with a particular letter writer.

That half of the voters who voted for the dirt bag, pathological liar Hillary Clinton, were stupid. Just saying.

Tim Seep


Fire aftermath responsibility

The Daily Press has had much to say about the Bluecut Fire aftermath, and minor reference to the Pilot Fire, which is really of most concern to Hesperia and Apple Valley, due to the eminent erosion that will occur should a heavy extended rainfall occur.

Little is being done by the Burn Area Emergency Response, the agency with the responsibility as outlined in their statement of purpose as follows. BAER objectives are to:

1. Determine if an emergency exists after a fire.

2. Alleviate emergency conditions to help stabilize soil, control water, sediment and debris movement, prevent impairment of ecosystems, mitigate significant threats to health, safety, life, property and downstream values at risk.

3. Monitor the implementation and effectiveness of emergency treatments.

BAER is "first aide" — immediate stabilization that often begins before the fire is fully contained. BAER does not seek to replace what has been damaged by fire, but to reduce further damage due to the land being temporarily exposed in a fragile condition.

To my knowledge, none of these actions have been initiated in the Pilot Fire area. The entire mountainside south of Highway 173 east of the Silverwood Lake Dam has the potential of spewing untold tons of debris and soil across Highway 173 and eventually into the Mojave River.

In addition, several homes that were endangered by the fire now face extensive damage and possibly being destroyed by water and mud.

And they are stuck with the result of BAER and Forest Service failure to stand up and do the right thing after they have failed in the first instance to provide the proper preventive measures needed to limit the inevitable and predictable fires occurring every several years.

Lee Bell

Apple Valley