Immigration dilemma

A man committed a nonviolent crime of theft several years ago. The man was not charged with the crime at that time. Several years passed. The man married, had children and lived a respectable live. He committed no other crime. Eventually the man was detected as the violator, was arrested, tried, and sent to prison. The wife and children lost a loving, hard-working, law-abiding husband and father. A loving family was broken up by justice. But was it the fault of justice? Or, was it the fault of the man who broke the law?

Another man illegally entered the United States. He knew he was violating the national laws. He found a business willing to hire him but he needed a Social Security number. He could not legally get one but he found a forger who would supply him with an illegal Social Security card under another person’s name. He required transportation so he bought a car but he had no driver’s license and couldn’t get one so he drove the car without a valid license. He established a residence, was married, had children and enjoyed a loving family life. He was a hard worker, honest (he broke no laws except those he was daily breaking), a good neighbor and an asset to the community.

His wife had also illegally come into this country but the children born here were citizens. One day, the legal authorities came, arrested the man and his wife and deported them to their native country. A loving family was broken up. The fate of the children became the responsibility of either the state or relatives here legally. Was the justice system at fault for enforcing the law? Or was it the fault of the man and his wife who broke the law? Was the distress inflicted on the children and family caused by this country or the parents?

Both examples awaken our sympathy; perhaps the second more than the first. What can be done? Should we ignore the law to favor the guilty party? Should both be excused because the legal system failed to charge them for several years? Should we do away with the applicable laws? Should we enforce one law and ignore the other? Both avoided paying the cost of the item they obtained illegally. Should we provide a way to innocence for both? What shall we do?

The immigration process is broken because the laws have not been enforced for many years. There is nothing wrong with the present immigration process. It just needs to be enforced.

Lindon Sparks


What unity?

Could it be premature to declare Hillary Clinton the winner of the popular vote, but that is the rallying cry from the party known for the majority of voter fraud. Perhaps we should wait for election officials in each county to finish counting legitimate ballots while attempting to determine the votes of illegal aliens, felons, dead people and of course those who voted multiple times.

It is mystifying that the same people who lamented the divisive nature of Washington are now attempting to divide the country by not accepting the president elect. I guess cooperation and compromise means to the left that the right caves in and gives them everything they want, including the presidency.

Thomas Whittington

Apple Valley

Thanking T.J. and the NRA

Thomas Jefferson and the NRA told us that the Second Amendment was written so that we could arm ourselves against tyranny, but I didn't think that after 240 years of democracy we would ever elect a tyrant. I was wrong. Swastikas are popping up around our country. Are you paying attention? Swastikas!

Our oldest veterans fought and died to keep the world free from fascism! We must stand up to the deplorable people who would do this to our country. I am not a Democrat, but this time I believe that they are on the right side of history. Arm yourselves people, the NRA and Thomas Jefferson are right, we have to be prepared to defend ourselves from the tyranny that's coming.

James Windhausen


The real "real" story

The recent letter (11/14/16) “ROI The real story,” totally misses the message of the recent election results regarding the people’s endorsement of Proposition V. Specifically, the voters of Apple Valley are not willing to blindly forfeit their right to vote on major expenditures they will be required to repay over many years.

The Town’s ability to operate a water system safely and guarantee to reduce user costs is questionable at best and the Town Council’s frantic attempts to deny the people the absolute right to right to vote on major expenditures is clearly unacceptable and contrary to our democratic principles.

The people have spoken and will continue to demand the absolute right to vote on such major expenses, no matter how many competing propositions the Town’s lawyers dream up to confuse the issue or dilute the people’s right to express their will at the ballot box.

The message is not about ROI, a greedy water company or wicked foreign ownership. It’s that the Town Council wants to deny the people the absolute right to vote on major issues and the people don’t trust the council to represent their best interests..

Dean Schepis

Apple Valley


As I sit here writing this screed, I’m crying crocodile tears for Democrats in general and the author of a recent letter in particular who writes, “I don’t hate Trump. How can anyone hate an egotistical 12-year-old?”

Clearly, someone drank Kool-Aid and believes the over-the-top baseless charges orchestrated by Occupy Democrats and the New York Times now directed at President-Elect Trump. Funny how it feels when the shoe is on the other foot.  For conservatives, “We don’t hate Obama. How can anyone hate an egotistical, malignant narcissist 55-year-old?”

The facts of the matter are really quite simple: Trump’s win is a slap in the face of Hollywood and the MSM; Trump’s win is a total and complete repudiation of Obama’s eight-year reign of unconstitutional executive orders, job-killing regulations, and failed policies; Trump’s win is a repudiation of the PC-culture that now infects our country.

The current hyperventilation and thuggery of the brainiacs on the left is fun to watch, so why not take a break from hate, find a safe space, don a safety pin and take a coloring-book break? The world won’t end and the oceans won’t rise on Friday, January 20, 2017.

For the left: Turn off MSNBC, take a Xanax, and grab a beer. Watching you self-destruct is priceless. The next four years should be hilarious.

Tom Jahnke

Apple Valley