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Hinkley residents want to reduce PG&E's involvement


Wednesday, 6 p.m. 

Hinkley Elementary/Middle School 

37600 Hinkley Road


Thursday, 6 p.m. 

Hinkley Elementary/Middle School 

37600 Hinkley Road 

HINKLEY • Some Hinkley residents want to limit Pacific Gas & Electric’s involvement in the Community Advisory Committee that meets once a month.

Hinkley residents scheduled a meeting tonight in advanced of Thursday’s monthly meeting, seeking to bring changes to the existing 10-member group. 

PG&E formed the group in June 2011 to improve communications with residents. The group currently includes a Barstow resident, seven Hinkley residents and two PG&E representatives. 

“We are trying to take off some of the board members that we don’t feel is in the best interest of the community,” Hinkley resident Roberta Walker said. “PG&E controls the whole meeting and we are not going to allow that anymore.” 

During the Lahontan Regional Water Quality Control Board’s Sept. 12 meeting in Barstow, some Hinkley residents raised concerns about PG&E’s role on the committee and the slow process in cleaning up the chromium 6 contaminated groundwater.

Between 1950 and 1960, PG&E used chromium 6 in its water cooling tower to prevent rust at its Hinkley natural gas compressor station. Chromium 6 polluted the groundwater, after the cooling tower wastewater was released into unlined pools at the site. The water board has ordered PG&E to clean up the chromium plume and stop it from spreading.

Hinkley resident Daron Banks said the community wants their questions answered by PG&E.

“The changes that are coming in the near future in the Community Advisory Committee are positive in a good direction and the community will be better off with the CAC and the community working together without PG&E,” Banks said. 

At the meeting, residents will discuss the draft environmental impact report, water issues and cleanup efforts. 

PG&E spokesman Jeff Smith said the company was not invited to attend the meeting. 

“We have heard the concerns that some residents have expressed about the PG&E’s role on the advisory committee,” Smith said. “PG&E is taking a serious look at what our role in the community advisory committee is going forward.”

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