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Staff photo, Brooke Self
Lorren Schendel stands with his wife Susan by their 1940's Ford 2N tractor. The couple and their daughter will ride the tractor in this year's upcoming 124th Rose Parade in Pasadena.

Local tractor joining the 124th Rose Parade

Chrome parts, finish unique among others


BARSTOW • A local tractor owner will be making his first entrance in the 124th Rose Parade in Pasadena, escorting a float for the Rural America TV channel called RFD-TV.

The Ford 2N tractor dating to the 1940s was chosen from thousands of entries to be one of nine in the parade lineup, after the TV channel solicited entries on the Internet.

“The Rose Parade is the biggest parade in the country and to be picked out of thousands being a good ol’ boy from Barstow, I thought that was neat,” he said. “Small town Barstow is going to be in a big time parade.”

Marked by an outline of red flames and a chrome finish, the tractor model was common for the time period, according to owner Lorren Schendel. However, what makes this tractor unique is its chrome parts, seats and finish, he said.

“You know everybody has a painted tractor in their yard, but I decided to chrome it because I’ve never seen a chrome tractor,” Schendel said.

He’s got a collection of 20 tractors acquired over a period of 25 years and said he built this specific one to put in his Firestone Tire and Repair Shop as a showpiece. He’s owned the dealership at 1555 W. Main St. for the last 25 years.

“Everybody who walks into my store says you know ‘I grew up on that tractor, I used to drive that kind of tractor,’” he said.

On parade day Schendel anticipates wearing overalls and riding with his wife, Susan, and young daughter Angelina for four hours straight with no fuel or bathroom breaks. He is also preparing by shining and cleaning the vehicle and will take it to Pasadena a week beforehand as requested, where it will be until Jan. 2.

“We’re all excited, our daughter’s really excited,” Susan Schendel said. “It’ll be an experience.”

The tractor has also been featured in a Victorville Car Show, some grand openings at Fort Irwin and the Barstow Mardi Gras Parade in 2011. Schendel first bought the tractor from Bob Brunner at Tiny Time Shop in Hinkley five years ago.

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