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IAP contract ending at Ft. Irwin

High Desert Support Services L.L.C. awarded new contract


BARSTOW • IAP Worldwide Services, an employer of approximately 400 local residents, will no longer be providing installation support services at Fort Irwin.

The $21.9 million contract was awarded to High Desert Support Services L.L.C. from Baton Rouge, La. at the beginning of November according to the Department of Defense website.

The Installation Support Services Bridge Contract includes grounds keeping work, lawn services, range control operations at Fort Irwin and more, according to a military officer.

Community Relations Officer at Fort Irwin, Renita Wickes, said that a contract transfer doesn’t guarantee a job for current employees but that her personal experience was that it did.

“When I worked for Raytheon and their contract switched over, they did the best they could based on the contract requirements to make sure every employee was placed,” Wickes said. “But I don’t know if High Desert Support Services will do the same thing.”

A current contracted employee with IAP Worldwide Services in Fort Irwin, who requested to remain anonymous said, that they had already incurred a $6 pay decrease and were unsure of their job’s future, because they still had not been informed.

Arlene Mellinger, a spokeswoman for IAP, said in an email that the company is very proud of their record at serving the Fort Irwin mission for 17 of the last 22 years.

“We look forward to any future opportunities to once again be part of the Fort Irwin family,” Mellinger said. “We will continue to provide excellent support until our last day on the contract and will fully cooperate with High Desert Support Service during the transition period.”

The bid was solicited through the Internet, with nine bids received and the contract will run until Dec. 31, 2017.

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