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Jim Bagley and Neil Derry

Candidates square off for county supervisor

This is one in an occasional series on the candidates running for the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors. The newly reconfigured 3rd District includes the greater Barstow area.

The election is June 5.

Candidate James Ramos did not respond to questions emailed May 2. Follow-up phone calls were made Monday and Tuesday to no avail.

Jim Bagley
Jim Bagley, 56, of Twentynine Palms, works for the Department of Defense for the Marine Corps as a Realty Specialist. He is a Republican.

Tell us about your background, career, family, interests, etc.
My grandparents homesteaded in San Bernardino County in 1926. I am a third generation desert resident. For most of my life I have been self-employed owning my own businesses. I have been real estate broker for 30 years. For the past 25 years I have been active in local and regional civic affairs representing the cities and communities of the greater desert and mountain area of the newly defined 3rd Supervisorial District. I am running for supervisor because I believe ethics and integrity should be restored to the board of supervisors.

Why are you the best candidate?
I have the real world experience in local, county and regional government to work effectively as the representative for all the diverse cities and communities in the district. I am not tainted with ties to corruption. I believe the voters want better representation that reflects honesty and integrity on the board of supervisors. I have lived and worked in the desert most of my life and fully know what it means to have to travel to San Bernardino to make sure desert citizens’ concerns and needs are represented.

Do you generally believe county government is too big, too small or about the right size?
County has become less necessary as cities have incorporated in my lifetime. It is important to scale back the functions of government to meet the current role requirements. For unincorporated areas the county provides essential services such as law enforcement, health care, planning. The county size should adjust to new realities as our communities grow and change.

Neil Derry
Neil Derry, 43, of Redlands, is currently the San Bernardino County 3rd District supervisor. He also earns business income from rental property. He is a Republican.

Tell us about your background, career, family, interests, etc.
United State Marine who served overseas in Operation Desert Storm. Served as Executive Board Member for the Inland Empire Council of the Boy Scouts of America. Grew up in San Bernardino. Attended San Gorgonio High School and Cal State University San Bernardino.
My wife Michele and I live in Redlands with our son Nathan.

Why are you the best candidate?
I have delivered more improvements to our 3rd District communities in my 1st term as Supervisor than my predecessor did in 12 years — including new Fire Station, new Sheriff’s station, more family recreational facilities, and a new Desert Government Center to bring county services closer to local residents.

Do you generally believe the County government is too big, too small or about the right size?
County government is overly bureaucratic and wasteful. As Supervisor, I’ve been fighting to cut excessive pay and perks for County politicians and administrators. We need to focus our limited tax dollars on services that benefit residents not perks that benefit politicians!

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