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Staff photo, Brooke Self
Valire Bayardo fills up her gas tank at the Food 4 Less station on Virginia Way. Gas prices at the Food 4 Less station are the lowest in San Bernardino County.

Gasoline prices rising

Barstow has lowest and highest prices in the county


BARSTOW • Gas prices have hiked over the last month, although local gas stations are home to the lowest and highest prices in San Bernardino County, according to the website

As of Monday, the Food 4 Less gas station on Virginia Way topped the list for the lowest price in the county with a regular gallon costing $3.43. The ARCO on Yermo Road came in second, with Montara Road’s ARCO and Circle K on Main Street third and fourth on the list.

The average price for a gallon in the county is $3.67, just a few cents above the state average of $3.64. One month ago, the average cost in the county was 17 cents cheaper at $3.50 a gallon.

The cost for a regular gallon of gas at the 76 Station on East Main Street was second on the list for the costliest in the county at $4.29.

The Food 4 Less station, which opened at the beginning of December, was full of customers filling their tanks on Monday.

“I’ve noticed they’re the lowest anywhere,” said customer Valire Bayardo, who has purchased gas at the Food 4 Less station since it opened.

“My personal thought is if they lower prices more, people will go out and travel and spend more money,” she said. “They need to hurry up and stop increasing so much, stay steady for a couple of weeks.”

Gene Hulbert from Victorville said he stopped at the station after shopping at the grocery store because he noticed the lower price.

“I just think they’ve been ripping us off for too darn long. The oil companies are just making a bundle and the little man is trying to make a living around retirement,” Hulbert said.

The cost for a regular gallon of gas hit a 12-month peak in the county in early October at $4.67 and dropped back down to $3.50 the last week of December.

The current national average for a regular gallon of gas is $3.26.

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