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Shea Johnson
The 8,210 square-foot bunker, which rests on nearly 10 acres of commercial land north of Barstow, is currently on the market for $1.25 million by real estate firm the Kursch Group.>PHOTO COURTESY OF THE KURSCH GROUP

Bunker: Apocalyptic shelter for sale


BARSTOW • In 2010, an underground shelter north of Barstow garnered attention from local, national and worldwide media, billed as a viable solution to surviving a potential apocalypse. Now, it can be all yours.

The Kursch Group, a commercial real estate firm based in Victorville, is brokering the sale of the roughly 8,120-square-foot bunker that also comes with approximately 10 acres of commercial land.

Two years ago, a Del Mar company called Vivos made headlines by marketing the shelter as “the ultimate underground shelter for surviving these uncertain times.” The plan was for the shelter to be able to hold 100 people and withstand a variety of catastrophes, from global tsunami to nuclear fallout to flood.

It was hoped to have been the first in a network of nationwide Vivos shelters near every major populace in the United States.

“We aborted utilizing the site due to a number of serious issues that were determined could not be mitigated,” a Vivos representative wrote, “including but not limited to, technical, climatic, environmental, security, proximity and a lack of resources, thereby compromising the shelters worthiness as part of the Vivos network.”

Gill Stoffels from TSG Investments, which owns the property, noted Vivos had a six-month option to buy in 2010 but never exercised it — and admitted the bunker still needs some work.

“I don’t think it could be ready at this point, to be honest with you,” Stoffels said.

According to Stoffels, though, most of the systems work, including water, and he sees the property’s value past the bunker.

“In the community, we did some preliminary research,” he said, “and I thought it would be a great place to develop — take manufacturing there, help the economy.” According to his research, some 80,000 vehicles pass by the location daily, which is near Interstate 15, not too far north of Barstow.

Stoffels said he is currently receiving interest from data center people, who like the possibility of storing materials such as safety records or medical storage there.

He also noted that the upcoming Dec. 21 “Doomsday” has sparked further interest in just the bunker, but that he would be willing to sell it separately from the commercial land if someone so wanted.

James Langley, agent with the Kursch Group, thought the correlation was fortunate.

“Timing is perfect,” he said.

The property is listed for $1.25 million. For more information, contact James Langley at 760-403-6510 or Michael Erskine at 760-475-4795.


A caption in the Nov. 17 edition of the Desert Dispatch named Vivos as a one-time owner of the shelter. Vivos only held an option to buy the property in 2010 from TSG Investments, but never exercised it.

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