The 17th Annual 5K Freedom Run was held on the Fourth of July at Robert A. Sessions Memorial Sports Park in Barstow.

This was a free run that Barstow resident Vernon Morris and other volunteers have organized each year since 2001. The run is to honor and remember those who lost their lives on Sept. 11 and also to celebrate the freedom that Americans have. This year's run had its biggest turnout ever with 138 participants.

Marvin Gonzalez, 23, was the first male to cross the finish line with a time of 17:33. The rest of the top male runners finished as follows:

Tied for second: Rodrigo Arias and Jeffrey Holliday

Fourth place: Dayne O’Brien

Fifth place: Jalen Griego

Karen Morales, 14, finished first in the female division, with a time of 23:06. The remainder of the top female runners finished as follows:

Second place: Yaneli Hernandez

Third place: Analyssa Sixtos

Fourth place: Jasmine Smith

Fifth place: Paula Gutierrez

With the race growing in popularity every year, a kids’ division was added for runners 13 and younger. Jabez Chavez won the boys’ race with a time of 23:23 and Angelina Vasquez took the girls’ race with a time 21:41 — the fastest female time of the day.

The remainder of top ten kids finished as follows:


Second place: German Carvallo

Third place: Lorenzo Loomis

Fourth place: Cameron Zucco

Fifth place: Vito Nunez


Second place: Jasmine Ortega

Third place: Kaiya Loomis

Fourth place: Tasi Lealofi

Fifth place: Mia Ortiz

The winners in each division received a free watermelon to take home and enjoy with their families for the holiday.