The environmental division from the Marine Corps Logistics Base in Barstow has recently received two awards, one from the Secretary of the Navy and one from the Secretary of Defense.

The industrial installation of a successful waste management program helped MCLB Barstow reduce hazardous materials usage, earning the base two awards for environmental quality.

The Secretary of Defense Environmental Award recognizes environmental practices that support mission readiness while protecting the environment, promoting efficiency and improving the quality of life.

“It’s fantastic; it’s a great feeling anytime we win an award,” Marine Corps Logistics Base Barstow Public Affairs Officer Rob Jackson said.

The new waste management program allows a contractor to haul away MCLB Barstow’s leftover garnet to be recycled by creating cement blocks and bricks.

Garnet is a special sand that is used to strip military vehicles of paint. In previous years, MCLB Barstow would accumulate up to 1 million pounds of garnet per year.

Due to their 2015 installation, MCLB Barstow was able to eliminate this annual accumulation.

Marine Corps Logistics Base Barstow is determined to reduce the amount of trash going into local landfills. Besides the garnet program, MCLB Barstow is also looking for materials that can be turned into scrap metal.

“We are always trying to improve, that’s our motto,” Marine Corps Logistics Base Barstow Environmental Director Dexter Robeson said.

Another project following MCLB Barstow’s recycling goal is the demolition of Building 163. After tearing down the building, the base plans to recycle as much metal, aluminum and steel as possible.

Installing blue recycling trash cans outside all offices abroad has also helped reduce trash by 87 percent compared to their 2001 level.

The Secretary of the Navy Award for Environmental Quality will be presented during a ceremony at the U.S. Navy Memorial in Washington, D.C. on June 29. The time and place of when the Secretary of Defense award will be given has not been determined.

“It was an outstanding accomplishment for our staff, it could not have been done if it wasn’t a team effort,” Robeson said.