In recognition of “Infrastructure Week,” Golden State Water has shared its plans to maintain and improve the local water system throughout the Barstow service area — upgrades that are projected to cost $6.8 million.

“We are planning to replace more than 4,400 feet of aging pipe within the local distribution system, and perform projects to upgrade or replace water supply, storage and booster facilities,” Golden State Water's Mountain-Desert District General Manager Perry Dahlstrom said.

As a way to enhance the water supply, Golden State Water will dedicate $2.9 million to upgrade facilities by implementing technology at local well and water treatment plants.

“These system investments and Golden State Water’s commitment to actively manage its infrastructure are important to maintain reliable water service from the source to customer taps,” Dahlstrom said.

Distribution improvements are estimated at $2.875 million, including the construction of a new storage tank at Eaton Plant.

The remaining $996,200 will be distributed between other ongoing improvements, such as replacing old meters, services and equipment.

“These improvements will ensure reliable water service is available to meet the domestic, commercial and fire protection needs of our customers,” Dahlstrom said.

Golden State Water Company has invested over $700 million for infrastructure improvements over the last decade in hopes of protecting water service.

The American Society of Civil Engineers recently noted that the nation’s drinking water infrastructure received a “D” grade on their 2017 report card. The report card also noted that upgrading existing water systems may require at least $1 trillion over the next 25 years.

“The infrastructure improvement projects planned for Barstow are critical to ensure Golden State Water can continue providing reliable, quality water service today and for future generations,” Dahlstrom said.

For more information regarding Golden State Water Company’s upcoming projects, visit or call 800-999-4033.