Graduation season is upon us and the Barstow Community College Class of 2017 will be first up to turn their tassels on Friday.

While there is no valedictorian, student Arthur J. Ramirez is scheduled to make a speech to the graduating class, along with Barstow Mayor Julie Hackbarth-Mclntyre.

With graduates clad in blue and gold, 405 degrees will be handed out to the 321 graduates expected to cross the stage.

“Last year and this year’s graduation expectancy rate was higher than 2015, so I guess the trend is that it has been going up,” Barstow Community College spokesman Chris Clarke said.

According to Clarke, the most earned degree will be an associate's in social science, with degrees in business and humanities close behind.

“An associate's degree in social science is always our number one, it is the most easy to advance from,” Clarke said.

The Barstow Community College Honors Day program was held on May 5 where more than $7,000 worth of scholarships were awarded to selected students.

“We have a lot of people who fully completed this year instead of people taking a couple classes and dropping out,” Clarke said. “We have also had a steady enrollment rate.”

The number of expected graduates is continuously growing as students can still sign up to walk any time before graduation day. Those who sign up now will not have their name in the program although they will still be allowed to participate.

The Barstow Community College graduation will be located on campus in the James R. Parks Gymnasium, 2700 Barstow Road, Barstow. The graduation will begin at 3 p.m. and will also be broadcasted live on on Barstow Community College's Youtube channel.