The Lahontan Regional Water Quality Board has approved Pacific Gas and Electric Company’s request to abandon 49 single aquifer, inactive domestic wells in Hinkley, the board announced in a news release.

All of the wells are located on PG&E property in the Mulberry Road area and downtown area north of Hinkley School, the board said.

According to Lisa Dernbach, senior engineering geologist for the Lahontan water board, PG&E made its request in a letter dated March 21 and titled “Continued Management of Inactive Supply Wells on Property Owned by Pacific Gas and Electric Company in Hinkley.”

The selected wells are mostly screened across the upper aquifer, she said, while about two percent of the wells are screened across the lower aquifer. PG&E proposed abandoning these inactive domestic wells in accordance with State of California Well Standards and San Bernardino County requirements.

The Hinkley Independent Review Panel (IRP) manager sent a letter to the Lahontan water board in early April supporting PG&E's program to abandon the wells, Dernbach said in the news release. In addition, the board received input from Dr. John Izbicki of the U.S. Geological Survey. He said that abandonment of the proposed wells would have no effect upon field sampling for the chromium background study he is conducting.

The water board asked PG&E to document well abandonment activities in upcoming quarterly groundwater monitoring reports.