BARSTOW — Neighborhood children of all ages sorted through books inside boxes lined along the curb on Mojave Drive.

"Today, we are asking five to 10 books can be taken out, but over the other days, it's free all the time," Daneille Buenrostro said to the children and parents. Buenrostro was announcing her daughter's grand opening of Barstow's only registered Little Free Library. Arianna Buenrostro, 8, held a ribbon cutting ceremony Dec. 17.

Next to all the boxes, was a purple wooden structure resting on a post with a roof and a door. Books could be seen resting inside.

"It's always going to be open 24-7," Daneille Buenrostro said. "You just come up and you are able to take books out and you are able to donate books by leaving them in the library."

Daneille Buenrostro said her daughter got the idea of opening up her Little Library during a visit to Dodger Stadium.

"She always had a real strong passion for reading so she started growing her library in the house and it just got too big for her, so we started slowly donating them to friends," she said. "And then we actually went to the Dodger game and there was a Little Free Library right outside Dodger Stadium. She seen that and she had to go look at it. And then she wanted to open her own."

Buenrostro said it eventually became a Girl Scout project with help from Arianna's parents and brother, Ivan. But she did all the sanding and hammered in the nails on her Little Free Library.

The Cameron Elementary third grader also raised the $300 needed for the project. That included the $50 charter fee.

According to, Little Free Libraries offer a way to connect with neighbors and share favorite books of all kinds.

"Little Free Libraries belong to everyone and anyone may use them," the website said. "They are community resources which we all treasurer and protect."

Daneille Buenrostro said the Little Free Library right now has mostly kids books, but they are asking for adult book donations.

"I hope you enjoy reading your book," Arianna Buenrostro said. "Thanks for visiting Arianna's snatch-a-book library."

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