BARSTOW — Riverside Construction is scheduled to complete work on the East Barstow Drainage Channel by Dec. 23, according to Consulting City Engineer Brad Merrell.

Merrell told the City Council work has been moving right along on the emergency reconstruction of a portion of the channel. The City Council in November unanimously approved the allocation of $540,000 for repairs. According to the city report, a claim will be filed against Caltrans alleging the lack of maintenance to its portion of the channel caused the damage to the city's portion.

Merrell said work started on Nov. 28.

"The first week of construction activities consisted of demolition, grading and excavation. The second week of work started today (Monday) with placement of steel in the channel invert at the bottom of the channel," Merrell said.

He said concrete was to be placed in the invert on Friday.

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