BARSTOW — The newest mural along Main Street dedicated during last month’s Monumental Mid Summer Desert Festival is expected to receive a face-lift in the near future after vandals damaged its standing wooden portion last week, authorities said Wednesday.

The mural is painted on the eastside portion of the Barstow Office Supply building owned by Fred and Sandy Baca, located at 613 E. Main St. It features painted wooden figures of notable celebrities who have passed through Barstow along Route 66. Sandy Baca said she noticed the mural had been damaged while driving home from church on June 26.

“My heart was broken to see that,” Baca said. “This was a real treasure on our store. This town really has to be beautified and this mural is one of those things that helped do just that. We need more kinds of things like this in Barstow because we care deeply about this town.”

Desert Discovery Center Director Jane Laraman-Brockhurst said a police report has been filed, but the Police Department did not immediately have any information on the incident on Wednesday.

Laraman-Brockhurst said it’s disappointing that the mural was damaged but says it’s not close to being a reflection of the community.

“This incident was unexpected and is just a senseless act,” she said. “But measures will be taken now to rectify the mural and to also put in place security measures. People have since showed their support of us, and have told us they feel awful this happened to such a beautiful mural.

"We look forward to painting more murals along Route 66 and inviting more tourists to this downtown area in Barstow and beyond. The mural that was vandalized really looks at Route 66 in Barstow. The idea is that people go off and find those locations in Barstow and explore its history.”

Laraman-Brockhurst said Main Street Murals is expected to paint two more murals along Main Street this year, including one dedicated to Route 66 located at 108 E. Main St. for the 90th anniversary celebration of the Mother Road.