YERMO — Voters on Tuesday ousted President Bob Smith and Vice President Geoff Berner from their Community Service District board seats, according to final primary election results posted on the San Bernardino County Registrar of Voters' website.

The yes votes outnumbered the no votes for recalling Smith 131-84. Michael Cint, who ran unopposed for Smith's seat, received 136 votes.

Berner was recalled with 124 yes votes to 85 no votes. Clarissa Loehr edged Tim Souza for Berner's seat, 76-72.

The results are pending certification by the registrar of voters.

"Awesome," Loehr said when reached Wednesday. "It's just been crazy. It all worked out in the end. I'm pretty happy. It's time to have a celebration party at my house."

Loehr also said it's time to move forward and work together with everybody on the board.

"Hopefully, we can make some changes and do some good for the community," she said.

Cint said he was happy with the results.

"Today marks a historic moment in the history of Yermo," he said. "The people have spoken against the policies of two members of the board of directors, and removed them from office in the hopes that our Community Services District can provide quality services to the citizens of Yermo with open and transparent policies, and the ability of our citizens to participate in the local government and Fire Department without the implication of favoritism or fear of repercussions."

Cint also pointed out that his seat is up for re-election in November.

Director Gary Yearsley declared the community has spoken.

"Excellent results," he said. "I thought it would go this way. I thought this is what the people wanted. We are going to have some good people in there."

If the results stand, a tumultuous chapter may close for the Community Service District board. The district and Smith are facing a wrongful death lawsuit and two wrongful termination suits. Smith originally announced in September he was resigning effective Dec. 31. But he ended up rescinding that resignation.

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