Last time we chatted, lower elevation winter camping saw some pretty nice places to continue your RV adventures in the cold months. Well, Russ and Lori got some unexpected yet welcomed comments from readers who want the complete opposite. We were asked where folks could take their RV to snow country in the winter. Winter RV driving can be especially hazardous, so please understand that operating an RV on slick winter roads takes experience and training. You pretty much have to travel between snow storms when the roads are groomed. Russ and Lori decided to bring you what may be the absolute best in winter RV camping.

From the High Desert, your winter drive is pretty clean going north on U.S. Highway 395 in the winter all the way to Lone Pine or even Bishop. For travel and safety sake, we chose a destination that has constant road needs taken care of and a corridor that is well patrolled as well. Once you drive north out of Bishop, there is a serious grade to climb. Conditions can go from clear to ice road conditions in a matter of minutes. Pretty soon though, you could be at your destination.

Mammoth Mountain RV Park is open all year round. The park has 49 premium sites with full hook-up, 105 standard sites with partial hook-up ( water, electric, cable tv ), and two group sites that are also available all year round. Highway CA-203 is right off of 395, and it is a short hop to the campground. The Mammoth Lakes Welcome Center and Ranger Station are right across the street. At an altitude of nearly 8,000 feet, RV snow seekers certainly will have what they desired.

When winter camping, Mammoth Mountain RV Park makes a lot of sense for a lot of reasons. If indeed weather conditions got severe or assistance was required, it is about as good as one can get at 8,000 feet in the winter. Many services are available, as well as a hospital and veterinary. Adventure in Camping is an outfit that has travel trailers that you can rent. They will set them up for you at your campsite. If you want to drive up in a non-RV vehicle and stay in a rental RV, that may be a good option as well.

Snow play can be anywhere from mild to wild. For a relaxing play in the snow, a 15-minute drive to Rock Creek Road has great snow play areas that can challenge just about any skill level. Bring your sleds, discs, or buy a few in town. They are cheap and tons of fun. If you want to try 395, head towards Deadman’s Summit. Snow pack is usually really good there and there is room for everybody. This is good old fashioned snow fun. Build a snowdude, have a snowball fight!

Remember that we are talking Mammoth, and virtually any winter snow activity is available here. People even fly in to Mammoth from all over the world. You would be passing the airport, driving north on 395. Ski rentals are available, but sometimes a reservation wouldn’t hurt. So, want to do something different?

How about we saddle you up on an OSV (Over-snow vehicle). In this class, would be the snowmobile. All types and power ranges are available. Surprisingly, on a level snow surface, these can be very easy to learn to operate. At Shady Rest, there is an OSV staging area. There are over 100 miles of very well maintained trails. These trails are also very well marked.

Mammoth Lakes is a great location for those RV winter thrill seekers. Remember that winter road RV travel is for very experienced drivers only. If you ever tried to ride an elephant across a frozen lake you would understand. So, get the RV snow gear out, and Let’s Get Rollin!

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